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A behind the scenes look at Oracle Code


Four continents, 11 countries, and 15 cities,  and thousands of developers, that kind of sums up Oracle Code. As is usual for Code events we had Keynotes, Technical sessions, Hands-on-Labs, The IoT workshops, Zip Labs and the Oracle Code Lounge. The latter with places for people to hang out, experience cool Oracle Cloud demos, and watch DevLive studio where Community Managers interview Code speakers whose sessions are livestreamed on Periscope.


For those not in the know, one of the common questions we get asked is, "do you attend all the cities?" The simple answer is no, we divide and conquer! Usually there is at least one or more persons from the Operations side of the team and one or more Community Manager per city. Stephen Chin, who heads up Oracle Developer Community is sometimes the M.C. for the Keynotes, or it can be someone from the Product Management/Marketing teams (Gerald Venzl, Rex Wang) or one of the other Community Managers who speaks the local language (eg Pablo Ciccarello in South America or Yolande Poirier in France) can also end up playing host. Although a Code event is just a day for attendees,  as an organizer  it becomes a four to five day event. If it is an international destination, you leave one day, arrive the next, do setup on the third day, have the Code event on the fourth, and then head home and leave on the fifth. Any Code event is a huge logistical effort from the Developer Community teams Operational side (namely Linda Bronson and Martha Hess) along with the Events team (Margo Davis and other folks), plus people from the countries Oracle Marketing/Sales teams as well as a regional third party events team (eg in Europe MCI, with Ronan Coleman and Laura Harbison).


For the Developer lounge, besides Linda or Martha, the rest of the operations team (Lori Lorusso, Christina Brashear, Jennifer Nicholson, Melissa Thorne, Vincent Mayers) deal with setup, running the day-off Code and then teardown. Even with the best of planning, Murphy's law does come into play with demos, and to address it Vincent carries a full tool kit to get "under the hood." For DevLive speaker  interviews conducted by Community Managers, Asia was primarily covered by  Jim Grisanzio who is based in Japan, South America by Pablo based in Argentia, and the Americas by Bob Rhubart in the US heartlands, and the rest myself and Yolande.

Last but not least are the IoT workshop which requires a significant effort to setup, and is usually headed up by Noel Portugal on our team, or a regional expert, like Tim Graves out of Europe. Besides Oracle Product Managers, many of the speakers are eg Java Champions, ACE and ACE Directors as well as Developer Champions and they too play a key role in the success of the Code events. The net result is wherever we go we feel like one big Oracle Code family. It's great seeing familiar faces and the closer we work, the better we understand the needs and wants of each other.


Another common question is "what your favorite city or Code event?" I cannot speak for the whole team nor for all the cities. Every country and city is unique but there were some cities either due to the place and/or people that stood out for me personally. Our first Code event was in Los Angeles, and the whole team converged there, and that made it special. As with any first time event (at least for the year), there were new demonstrations to learn and with it new experiences. Next was Code Bogota. I have covered it in a previous blog post. What stood out for me was not only the huge attendance for a Code event (over a thousand people), but the energy and youth of the attendees. In addition to that, Bogota is not a typical destination for a technical conference so I feel very proud of Oracle for putting it on the map. This is the second year in a row that we did Code London, and the local team including Caroline Apsey and Becca Wan did an outstanding job bringing some fascinating speakers to interview. You can read more about it in the Code London blog post.   My other top pick is Code Singapore  with the venue at the Marina Bay Sands (which by the way has an amazing view of Singapore harbor) and the developers representing the diversity of this small island nation made it a standout.


There you have it, 200+ speakers from 31 countries, and a whopping 600,000+ live and online developers globally. Thank you for making it a success. Until next year, for Oracle Code 2018, "It's a wrap!"

In case you missed it, here is a video mashup of Oracle Code 2018 and some pics. Do you have have a favorite Code city event, would love to hear your thoughts?






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