Depending on how you count it, there are approximately just ten days left to Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne 2018. For those not in the know, CodeOne is a rebrand of the tried and trusted JavaOne conference and Oracle Code One. The latter being done almost across all continents and major metropolitan hubs. So what is taking place at CodeOne, gosh a lot. There are over 600 speakers, there is is of course Java specific content, but its far bigger than than with a Database track and all things Cloud.


Our team has also got a rebrand. We were for the last year the Oracle Developer Community, we are now the Oracle Groundbreakers.

O-Groundbreakers-Logo-BG-RGB 80px.png

As with any rebrand or just a new name, it takes a while to get used to it. Don't worry we're still going to be talking about cool and important technology trends including,  sessions on blockchain, chatbots, microservices, and AI.

When you walk into the exhibit hall in Moscone West, you will se the Developer Exchange. It's hard for me to describe it other than that there is a Groundbreakers Hub with so many activities and demos. it will blow your mind. Besides the Cloud Beer Demo, we will have the Bullet Time demo, which was so popular last year. Bullet Time that is as in the Matrix movie. It has 60 cameras on a rig and you can come in do some moves and it will capture and share the video to you via Twitter. Pepper the robot and his siblings will be there.


As Community Managers, Yolande Poirier, Jim Grisanzio, Bob Rhubart and myself will be doing CodeLive interviews with speakers, that will be live-streamed on Periscope and later posted on YouTube. In addition Bob will be doing 2 Minute Tech Tips. If you want to do a 2 Minute Tech Tip, please contact Bob at

I will be doing 60 Second Developer Stories, so if you want to share anything from a Developer perspective, eg Your first job, your best decision, your worst, an App  you created, just drop by.


Here are some of the speakers you can look forward to hearing.




There's a lot more to CodeOne and Groundbreakers Hub, look forward to meeting you there.