The count down to Oracle Code One 2018 continues, we're just less than ten days away. In my previous blogpost I gave an overview of the various things you can expect when you attend CodeOne as well as the Developer Exchange. In this post, I would like to cover something even more closer to my heart which is the "60 Second Developer Story." Let me explain it using the 5 W's.

What is it: It's an opportunity for any CodeOne attendee to share a story

Who: Anyone can do it, as long as it is of interest to someone in the tech community

Why: Everyone loves stories, they are memorable

Where: In Moscone West, in the Developer Exchange, and within that in the Groundbreakers Hub

When: Oct 22-24, 10am-4:30pm



60 Second Deveoper Story.JPG


So go ahead either just show up and share your 60 sec Developer Story and get a Free Pocket Tool Pen, or if you have any questions feel free to email me at Below are some topics for you to consider. Start thinking in the shower or your drive or your favorite thinking spot, for interesting topics.


  1. How you solved a problem
  2. Something new you learnt
  3. Make a technology prediction
  4. Explain how something works
  5. How you built an App
  6. Share a best coding practice
  7. Share a best operational practice
  8. What did you learn on your first coding job?
  9. What's the best decision you ever made?
  10. The worst decision you ever made (and lesson learnt)?
  11. A cool way you helped your team do a great project
  12. Something you did for your community
  13. Best conference you attended and why
  14. How you used DevOps in your organization
  15. How you use Containers/Docker/Serverless
  16. How you use Chatbots, Big Data, BlockChain
  17. Anything else that would be interesting from a developer perspective