Unless you are a Gen Z, hopefully you have heard of or seen the Matrix movie trilogy. One of the most iconic scenes in the 1999 original, is where Neo played by Keanu Reeves  is doing his memorable slow motion dodge the bullet scene. It is an amazing special effect that at that time could only be done on a Hollywood budget. The good news is that technology has developed and lowered the cost to recreating that effect. In essence multiple 2D shots are taken in sequence around the subject and then rendered to make it look 3D. Of course Keanu had the benefit of having a green screen to composite in the actual background and bullets.


Oracle’s technology wizards have recreated that setup using 60 Raspberry Pi cameras, mounted on a rig. Here is a more detailed technical explanation of how Bullet Time works.



If you are attending Oracle Code One or OpenWorld 2018, come on over and you can experience it live by coming to Moscone West in the Developer Exchange and inside the GroundBreakers Hub.

Here are some outtakes from OOW 2017 and the best of Bullet Time. Look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to practice your moves.