Well here we are December 2018, it's cliche to say "time flies", but reality it does, especially when you are busy doing work you love with an awesome team.

In the first calendar half of the year we were busy with Oracle Code events. Between my team we divvied up the 14 cities that we covered across four continents, North and South America, Asia and Europe.

The more I travel and feel blessed to meet developers and other folks at these kind of events, the more I feel it is the interactions with other humans that makes these events so powerful. It is like looking at cities throughout the world and you see and feel this energy that makes them run.

javed mohammed at oracle code paris.JPG

Some of the highlights for me in no particular order were:

  • Visiting Bogota, Columbia and feeling very proud of Oracle helping put a city on the map as a technology center. This was one of the largest Oracle Code events we had ever hosted with well over a thousand people attending.
  • Going to Sao Paulo, and Paris while the World Cup was going on and seeing the energy and enthusiasm of everyone around.
  • Being in Berlin at a venue which looked ancient as in world war two in a building which was used as a communication center by the Allies
  • Visiting Singapore and being amazed at how this small city-state could be so organized and play the role of a critical hub in South Asia


In October we had Oracle Open World 2018 and along with it our first Oracle CodeOne event. Again we had so many customers, partners and other folks attend the Groundbreakers Hub, it was truly wonderful. We had so many cool demos, and besides doing Groundbreaker videos, I got to host the Video Hangout. This is where any attendee could come and talk about a subject of their interest for 60 seconds on a green screen which we backed up with really cool backgrounds, and live-streamed it over Periscope/Twitter.


The rest of the time has been used to get articles, technology pages, newsletters, blogs, the occasional podcast, social media and of course videos out to the community. It has been a fulfilling year and I want to thank you all for your participation and help.


javed mohammed