As we round up the year, I want to thank all of you who participated in not only our DevLive/Groundbreaker speaker interviews at Oracle CodeOne and Oracle Code events. Along with the interview format, I had also created a new 60 Second Developer Interview format, where any attendee at an event can share a story for 60 seconds. Here are the top 60 Second videos for 2018. I factor in both the views and the story telling.



Best 60 Sec Video.JPG

Rebecca Arora sharing her 60 Second story at the Girl Geek Dinner Dec 2018






1060 Second Groundbreaker Story Rebecca Arora41
960 Second Groundbreaker Story Alais de Hoogh49
860 Sec Dev Story: Tips for New Engineers59
760 Second Groundbreaker Story Alla Shamis67
660 Second Groundbreaker Story Connor McDonald79
560 Sec Dev Story: Best Coding Practice Clean Code80
4Cyber Security Dev Week 2018104
3Keynote with Sri Ramanathan Dev Week 2018117
260 Sec Dev Story: Coding Best Practice JHipster139
1Machine Learning Dev Week 2018393