It is befitting that my last post for 2018 was, "It's a wrap", so it only behoves me to start off 2019 with not only Happy New Year but also, "Action!"

All being well, we together have the opportunity to do a lot of good actions. As we start this year there are some stakes that are already in the ground. In the first half of the calendar year we will be continuing our Oracle Code events, this time for 2019. It will some of the same cities as before eg New York, London, Berlin, Benglauru. In addition there will be new cities including Rome. Plus there will be joint events with Oracle Code as a part of Oracle OpenWorld regional  in Middle East (Dubai) as well as in Asia (Singapore). For more details check out OracleCodeEvents.


As a Community Manager, my colleagues and I will be scheduling live-streamed interviews with conference speakers, showing cool demos, and most of all just meeting you and answering questions and helping you get onto the Oracle Cloud.


In Fall 2019, of course we will have Oracle OpenWorld 2019 in San Francisco.  In between these events we will be creating all types of content for our Groundbreaker developer community. This will include blogposts, articles, podcasts, Youtube videos, Social media posts and more.


Above and beyond the planned activities are the unplanned ones and those make life interesting. With that I will leave you with a Rumi quote.


Rumi quote.jpg