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The industrial revolution of the 18th century automated pretty much every aspect of society from agriculture to transportation. Fast forward to the present and “Autonomous” technology is again changing everything. Even though most of us may not be able to afford a Tesla, we are all aware of it’s capabilities. By moving from a fossil-fuel based car to an all electric, digital, software controlled vehicle, the very experience of driving has been changed.

In Autonomous mode, not only Tesla but the cars of the future are able to self-navigate, self-park, and pretty much self-maintain themselves. Gone are oil-changes and tune-ups. The paradigm has shifted.


That shift now of Autonomous is being applied to the “traditional” datacenter. Whatever was routine and monotonous is being replaced by automation. We see that with DevOps where with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment the role of the Ops engineer and SysAdmin has changed. Similarly with the advent of the Autonomous Database from Oracle, the world of the DBA will change. No longer will they have to worry about the monotonous things like patching, backup and tuning databases. Instead they will be able to focus more on the business and higher value tasks including architecture, SLAs, and just overall getting more value from data.




Oracle Autonomous Database services for transaction processing and data warehousing are Self-Driving, Self-Securing and Self-Repairing. Whether you are a SysAdmin or a DBA, change can be scary. Rest assured though whether it be the Auto-pilot in a cockpit, or a Self-driving car or an Autonomous database the need for human oversight and touch will remain. If you drive a Tesla or have test-driven one, you will know the “Back to the Future” feeling of that rush and that quote from the movie, “Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.” Here is to the future and if you want a test-drive check out this link Oracle Autonomous Database.