Yes I know, I know they call it football, we call it soccer what should I call it, a dilemma? Either way congratulations to the U.S. Women's team on their fourth World Cup Football championship. The congrats. are due not only to the U.S. team, but really all the teams that qualified and then made it to subsequent elimination rounds.


As our focus is on technology, I thought it would be interesting to delve into some of the technology that made the World Cup possible. The first and most visible technology usage for the first time in the World Cup was Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology.



     Illustration from Wikipedia distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license



Any time there were close calls the referees used VAR to review footage of the incident on a monitor and and make a decision. The second was Goal-line technology (GLT). All the stadiums had GLT deployed  which consists of 14 high-speed cameras which are used with assistance from compute power to determine if a ball had crossed the goal line. The third primary technology that was used in the background was Electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS). EPTS are a suite of tools that use data from optical tracking cameras to track both the ball and players used by the teams for coaching, medical staff , and by analysts/commentators.  Then there is all the supporting systems that allow attendees to book and get tickets, get concessions which all require online transaction software as well as databases to store all the data.


Whether it be VAR, GLT or EPTS, they all generate gobs of data, otherwise known as Big Data. Rest assured in the background some place where there was a lot of storage and processing of data, some on  the cloud and others on on-premise software. Besides storing and processing the data there is a lot of AI and Machine learning that is used and that in turn brings me to the topic of CodeOne 2019. You can learn about technologies that are changing everything. See how Oracle is helping shar the future  and experience deep-dive into sessions and hands-on labs on leading-edge technology such as blockchain, chatbots, microservices, and AI. Experience cloud development technology in the Groundbreakers Hub, featuring workshops and other live, interactive experiences and demos. To learn more check out CodeOne.