Before it became Devoxx Morocco it was known as JMaghreb and had been held in Marrakesh and Casablanca. That's a short bit of history. Devoxx Morocco 2019, this year was held in the beautiful port city of Agadir.  It was my  first time both to visit  the show and officially visit Morocco. The conference was held at the Royal Atlas Hotel. For those not familiar with Morocco, what I learnt about the four major cities of Morocco are that, Casablanca is the Commerce capital, Marrakech is the tourist capital, Fes the spiritual capital, Rabat is the political capital. In addition Agadir, is the beach capital. Besides the significance of each city, I observed some color themes,  Marrakech is earth-tone red, Agadir was mainly white, and although I didn't visit it, there is the blue city of Chefchaouen.

In November the weather is still pretty mild with temperatures in the seventies (low twenties Celsius) in Agadir.




Several of us attendees took a three hour bus ride from Marrakesh into Agadir. As with many Middle Eastern cultures the hospitality is amazing. It was very nice meeting the organizers including Badr Elhouari, Hanae El Bouyousfi, and many of the staff and volunteers. The Conference was held on November 12-14th and each day approximately 800+ people showed up. With ten parallel tracks,

Java Language & Server Side, Mobile, IOT & Embedded, Modern Web & UX, Architecture & Security, DevOps, Agile, Methodology & Culture, Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI & Analytics, Robotics, VR & Tomorrows World, Programing Languages, Startup, Innovation & Creativity, there was a lot going on.  The overall vibe I got from it was people are hungry to learn, there were plenty of students wanting to know how to jump start their careers and professionals wanting to update their skills.





I got to interview many of the speakers and organizers.



There were also official visitors from the city and state who were also sponsors of the event. I got to attend the speakers dinner on the Monday prior to the event, where we got to taste Moroccan cuisine, including Moroccan Lamb Tagine. On Wednesday night after the conference all the attendees had the opportunity to attend the Devoxx party where we were all bussed to the venue. We were welcomed by two different bands of traditional Moroccan music.


Many of the early attendees got to wear traditional Moroccan clothes for a wedding.


It was an amazing and memorable experience and to learn the names of the clothes and dances, I turned to one of the attendees Leila M Haidrat (below).  I learnt from her that for the bride they are called Tekhita and Caftan,  for the groom his clothes are called Jelaba and Jabador. For every dress they set and take pictures with the family and friends and also dance with them. It is a communal dance and the music with speakers is loud. The music and dance of Moroccan weddings is based on the region. in Fez they are called 3Issawa, in Agadir Ahwash, and Marrakesh, Dqayqiya.




Whether you want to learn about Java or Javascript, Cloud or Containers, Devoxx Morocco is the largest technology conference in Africa. Along with its rich culture and cuisine, it is an event that I would highly recommend attending.