A couple of years back, I recorded the  Top 10 Technology Predictions of 2018 with Siddhartha Agarwal. I thought it would be fun and informative to have an executive look into the technology crystal ball. Below you will find the Podcast that I did with Bob Quillin, VP of Developer Relations.

We started off with the big picture:


1. Big tech learns it’s hard at the top. We spoke about the Big 4, GAFA – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Antitrust, anti-competitiveness and Cloud reckoning – learning what Oracle and Microsoft have had to deal with for decades. From there we dug deeper.

2. Cloud native skills gap widens – threatens to slow down tidal wave of progress

3. Cloud App Integration becomes critical

4. Multi-cloud reaches the edge of the chasm – ready to cross over

5. AI and ML ethics moves to #1 enterprise blocker for AI/ML apps

6. Service mesh has its Kubernetes moment

7. Real-time architectures – stars align

8. Open source

9. Observability moves to front of the class – it’s already having a great run

10. Game of Enterprise Cloud Thrones. Again rising back to the top and discussing the battle ground in the enterprise  with Oracle and Microsoft already being there. We discussed AWS and Google trying to move into this space and the battle for who best can get the enterprise big, complex $$$ workloads into the cloud. We also covered security, performance, compliance and geography.


Checkout the full Podcast.