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Have you ever felt unappreciated? If so you can make someone's day.  In a couple of weeks, it will be July 31st, which is the 21st, System Administrator Appreciation Day 2020. I wanted to take some time to not only celebrate this day but also to recognize, a category of workers we kind of almost take for granted. That is until something breaks, whether it be our laptop, printer, the network, server, or there has been a security breach. It is hard to encapsulate what SysAdmins do, but in brief they are responsible for:

  1. Setup of Computers and Networks (on-premise or in the cloud)
  2. Doing the Maintenance and upkeep (System maintenance)
  3. Firefighting when Systems are down
  4. Battling villains who are trying to breach your network
  5. End-User administration
  6. Preventing downtime using System health monitoring
  7. Backup and disaster recovery
  8. Network administration
  9. Solutions Architect
  10. Other stuff


There is a lot to being a SyAdmin, and what better way to appreciate one, than interview one. Below is an interview I did with SysAdmin Ahmed Khatib, a Bay Area Independent Service Provider. In the interview Ahmed discusses his technology background and how he became a SysAdmin; How much of his work is hardware versus Software; The changing role of the SysAdmin with the movement to the Cloud, and an example of Ahmed in action firefighting when all hell breaks lose. Hat's off to all of you SysAdmins, and everyone out there who helps make the world function in good or better way.