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Monitoring Oracle Exadata Storage Servers

by ACE Brian Bream and Suzanne Zorn

This article describes how to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and command-line utilities to monitor Oracle Exadata Storage Servers.

Published September 2014


If you proactively monitor the components in Oracle Exadata Database Machine (also called Oracle Exadata), you can keep your system highly available and running at peak performance.  This article shows you how to do that with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and command-line utilities.... [Click here to read more]


Full Article: How to Monitor Oracle Exadata Storage Servers


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I am going to claim it, however bold it may be...


Oracle OpenWorld 2015 was a huge success!


Hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the industry and the globe made a bee-line for downtown San Francisco last week for what turned out to be a series of amazing sessions, keynotes, product announcements, and events. If you missed it, don't fret, we got what you need right here. Below are some of the major highlights for Systems, and be sure to follow our social channels (OTN Systems Hub and OTN Garage) where we will continue to push out the latest followup news.


Here are some of the MANY major announcements that came out of the bay area last week:


And, here are a few of the must-see videos from the show:


Interview with Wim Coekaerts, SVP of Linux and Virtualization Engineering discussed the updates to Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux and Open source at Oracle with SiliconANGLE Media team at theCube, at Oracle OpenWorld 2015 in San Francisco:


John Fowler Interviews with theCube at Oracle OpenWorld | SPARC M7, Security, Software in Silicon, Performance....

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.42.06 AM.png


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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.42.06 AM.png


To view more On Demand Keynotes and Interviews from Oracle OpenWorld 2015, visit:



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cw20-boxshot-solaris11-2717543.jpgOracle Solaris 11.3 is out!


      Yesterday at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, the Solaris team announced its latest release, Oracle Solaris 11.3! This update includes full support for Security in Silicon, SQL in Silicon, Secure Live Migration, Secure Lifecycle Management, Automated Upgrades and Rollbacks, and High Availability for OpenStack!


     “With Oracle Solaris 11.3 we provide a secure cloud platform. In addition to unique security features like our immutable virtualization and time-based access control, we are using the SPARC M7 processor’s Silicon Secured Memory to helps prevent common security attacks like buffer overreads and buffer overwrites,” said Markus Flierl, vice president, Oracle Solaris Core Technology. “Leveraging hardware offload, we are making encryption affordable for data and network traffic as well as live migration across a wide range of encryption modes so customers don’t have to choose between security and performance.”... [Click here to read the official press release]


Additional Information:



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       Oracle today introduced an all-new family of SPARC systems built on the revolutionary 32-core, 256-thread SPARC M7 microprocessor. The systems feature Security in Silicon for advanced intrusion protection and encryption; SQL in Silicon that delivers unparalleled database efficiency; and world record performance spanning enterprise, big data, and cloud applications.


      The new SPARC M7 processor-based systems, including the Oracle SuperCluster M7 engineered system and SPARC T7 and M7 servers, are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and include fully integrated virtualization and management for cloud. All existing commercial and custom applications will run on SPARC M7 systems unchanged with significant improvements in security, efficiency, and performance. In addition, SPARC M7 is an open platform that developers can utilize to create new software that takes advantage of Security in Silicon and SQL in Silicon capabilities....[click here to keep reading]


Click here to read more from the press release!


Additional Resources:

As Published In

November/December 2012



Time Capsule




Moscone Center

Encompassing nearly 1 million square feet today, Moscone Center—San Francisco’s largest convention center—opened in 1981 and played host to the 1984 Democratic Convention.



International Oracle Users Week (IOUW)

Imagine this: When Oracle was still called Relational Software Inc. (RSI), about 50 attendees from a dozen or so companies gathered in a small, windowless room at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt for the first International Oracle Users Week (actually just three days, August 23–25).

After the inaugural event in San Francisco, the International Oracle Users Week (IOUW) went on tour; our ears are still ringing.



Two Exhibitors

Oracle hosted IOUW at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco with nearly 500 attendees and two exhibitors. During the conference, a general user meeting was held, and the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) was formed.



Going to California

During IOUW in Philadelphia, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced via satellite that beginning in 1996 Oracle would take control of the conference, call it Oracle OpenWorld, and host it in California.




Open Your Golden Gate

Oracle OpenWorld ‘96 featured  420 sessions  and 17,200 visitors at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.


International Perspective

In addition to San Francisco, many other world-class cities have hosted their own Oracle OpenWorld conferences. Beijing, Copenhagen, Paris,  São Paulo, Tokyo, and more have welcomed Oracle OpenWorld and added their international flavor to it.



Taxi! Take me to OracleWorld?

No, you’re not hallucinating and that’s not a typo. For two years (’02 and ‘03), the annual conference was simply called OracleWorld. Have you heard people talking about OracleWorld since 2003?


  Original Article: Timecapsule: Flashbacks: Culture. Industry. Oracle. Oracle Magazine.

linux_penguin_with_logo.gifHow Oracle Linux Promotes PCI DSS Compliance

Optimizing Systems in a Cardholder Data Environment





For any business that processes, transmits, or stores payment card information, fraud is a dominant concern. According to The Nilson Report (Issue 1068, July 2015), the worldwide payment card industry experienced $16.31 billion in fraud-related losses last year. Indeed, reports of payment card fraud or data compromise against major retail or banking organizations are recurring stories in the news.


In 2004 leading vendors in the card services industry collaborated in an effort to define a unified set of cardholder data protection standards. They formed the PCI Security Standards Council to create and maintain the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS outlines a set of requirements for evaluating the handling and storage of cardholder information and authentication data. These requirements constitute the basis of internal security reviews, periodic evaluations, and formal compliance assessments. The current PCI DSS standard (revision 3.1) defines 12 requirement categories that apply to operational practices, staff responsibilities, and technology components in the cardholder data environment (CDE). It addresses system and data protection mechanisms that must be in place across equipment, services, and applications.


This paper describes best practices for Oracle Linux implementations and Oracle Linux operating system (OS) features that help to meet requirements listed in the PCI DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures document. It discusses deployment strategies that can narrow the scope of a PCI DSS assessment and improve overall system and data security. It examines each of the 12 requirement categories, highlighting Oracle Linux features, implementation practices, and relevant Oracle technologies that can help to achieve PCI DSS compliance.


Implementing Oracle Linux securely is only one design aspect in achieving an overall PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure. The goal of this paper is to help businesses safeguard cardholder data in an Oracle Linux deployment. Additional security mechanisms are required for other infrastructure components—along with effective configuration architectures and sound operational practices—to realize a fully compliant PCI DSS environment.


To read more, please visit:


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What, When, Where?Why?

OTN Kick Off Event - Sunday, October 25th, 1-5 pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby

    We will begin festivities by celebrating 20 years of Java before the JavaOne Keynote kick off at 2pm. We'll have special make-your-own Duke shirts, cupcakes, and much more!


We'll then shift the festivities to a Dia de los Muertos theme. We will kick the week off with los apertivos and margaritas, along with a variety of trinkets to help everyone feel like part of the fiesta. In the spirit of Dia de los Muertos, and with Halloween around the corner, costumes are welcome! For more information, go to: OTN Kick Off Event

Make Your Own Shirt

Sunday to Wednesday, between 10:30 am and 5 pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby






Why Not?! Come stop by the OTN Lounge to make your own shirt! For more information, go to: Activities at OTN OpenWorld

Graffitti Wall

Sunday to Wednesday, between 10:30 am and 5 pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby
Fusing interactive technology with street art, the LCD Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like the real thing. Paint palette options, resizable stencils, stickers, nozzle selections, drips and splatters — it's all there. Guests simply pick up one of the specially designed digital spray cans and try out their skills on the wall. If they really get into the art, there's even an option to share via social media or email. For more information, go to: Activities at OTN OpenWorld

Giant Games

Sunday to Wednesday, between 10:30 am and 5 pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby






Oversized Chess and Tumbling Towers. Why Not?! For more information, go to: Activities at OTN OpenWorld

Oracle RAC Attack 12c - October 25 10am-1pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby

    As a system administrator, developer or DBA this is the perfect workshop to start Openworld 2015 on User Group Sunday. In this workshop, you get the opportunity to install an Oracle RAC 12c cluster using Oracle Virtualbox on your laptop and get coached by Oracle RAC experts, ACEs and ACE Directors. Whether have or haven't installed Oracle RAC 12c before, you will enjoy this hands-on experience, and can ask for help on any step on the way or discuss your experiences with other experts. Please note that participants are required to use their own laptop with recommended specification of any 64 bit OS that supports Oracle Virtual Box, 8GB RAM and 45GB free HDD space. Make sure to add this to your schedule - Oracle RAC Attack 12c [CON10157]. For more information, go to: Oracle RAC Attack 12c - October 25 10am-1pm

Cloud Hour at Oracle OpenWorld


Monday through Wednesday, 11 am - 12 pm


OTN Lounge

Moscone South

Upper Lobby


    Since the recent expansion of Oracle PaaS Services members of the Oracle ACE program and other community thought leaders have been busy working with, exploring, and generating content about these new services. The new OTN Cloud Hour series of special events in the OTN Lounge at Oracle OpenWorld offers the opportunity for you to engage with some of these experts in an intimate, small-audience setting to learn from short presentations and group discussion. OTN will present one Cloud Hour event from 11:00am-12:00pm each day during OpenWorld (Monday, October 26 through Thursday, October 29). For more information and to see the session list, go to: Cloud Hour at Oracle OpenWorld


There will also be a lot of other events and activities at the lounge throughout the weekend/week, so stop by and say "Hi!"


To keep up with the latest, don't forget to follow the OTN at Oracle OpenWorld Community Space!


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      As the transition continues to the OTN Systems Hub, and away from the OTN Garage, it is important to keep those subscriptions and links up to date. With yesterdays distribution of the first OTN Systems Newsletter since I took power/reign, I feel it prudent to remind people of that glorious document; I plan to use it for all the major news and community updates for the periodic lurker. Don't want the day to day, nitty-gritty from the blog, facebook, or twitter pages? I get it, sometimes those are best left for pictures of cats wearing hats, political rants, and fashionista manifestos. If you live by the "Bullet Points," and are a die hard "Straight Shooter," and other cliches, then the newsletter is perfect for you.


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11882354_10153606024419162_6060524919548862542_o.jpg      Something that amazes me to this day is the time and effort that Oracle product teams spend on making support material; like hands on labs, how-to documents, and technical blog posts. They do this with the sole purpose of providing free educational resources to their customers. Customer success is so important to these experts and it really shows in the content they create.


      That being said, USE THESE RESOURCES!!! The goal of these "Throwback Thursday" posts is to find resources that were posted in the past and have somewhat gotten buried in all the new resources that are posted almost daily.


So, here is a link to some GREAT Oracle Virtualization Hands On Labs.

Labs and resources in the above link include:

  • Hands-on-Lab: Create your own template using Oracle VM 3.3.1: Learn how to create your own Oracle VM Template for your application
  • Hands-on-Lab: Build a Private DBaaS Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Work through database as a service (DBaaS) private cloud environment with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle VM as the foundations.
  • Hands-on-Lab: Build a complete high-available Oracle VM Architecture: Learn the best practices of implementing and using a complete Oracle VM high-available solution.


About The Picture on the Right:

Yes, that is me. It's a REAL Throwback Thursday picture. Man, those short shorts are awesome.



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Oracle VM VirtualBox - Test, Develop, and Demonstrate across Multiple Platforms on one Machine


Date : Thursday, 29th October 2015

Time : ANZ   3:00 PM AEDT  (GMT+11:00) | ASEAN 12:00 PM SGT (GMT +8:00) | INDIA 9:30 (GMT +5:30)


    Oracle VM VirtualBox is the world’s most popular cross-platform virtualization software, with more than 100 million downloads. It is used by developers around the world to develop, test, and build virtual machine appliances. And end users leverage Oracle VM VirtualBox to deploy prebuilt virtual appliances or simply to run multiple operating systems on their desktop machines (for instance, running Windows, Linux, or Oracle Solaris on a Mac OS X system).


    In this live webcast, Oracle experts cover the latest advancements in Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0 and share the experience of using Oracle VM VirtualBox to develop and test virtualization infrastructure.


Register now and join us for this live and interactive session.



Paul Kangro


Master Principal Consultant


Paul has had a long career in IT spanning over 20 years with a variety of organizations including IBM, Cable and Wireless, Novell and now Oracle.  During that time he has been involved in many aspects of IT including, Linux, Identity and Security, Virtualization and Cloud Computing providing technical and architectural advice to a wide range of clients around the Asian region.


As a Principal Sales Consultant for Oracle, Paul focuses on the technical aspects of Oracle’s Linux and Virtualization offerings.  Paul studied Electrical Engineering at the University of NSW and has a Master in Management from MGSM.



Don’t miss your chance to attend! Register Now!


In this weeks "How-To Tuesday," we investigate how to automate compliance assessments in Oracle Solaris 11. Last week, Ginny Henningsen posted a great article on how to improve configuration security and accelerate audits that all Solaris SysAdmins should add to their massive reading queue. With infrastructure and OS security on everyone's mind these days due to various intrusions, it is imperative that administrators take advantage of all the industry best practices and comply with common policies to protect their companies, and customers, data. With the complexities of operating systems grow, along with the long list of policies, verifying compliance becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, automation of compliance assessments becomes extremely important from a time and resource perspective.


To read more, please go to: How to Automate Compliance Assessments in Oracle Solaris 11


See Also:



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Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.37.39 PM.pngAs we approach Oracle OpenWorld and your schedules and suitcases start to fill up, I wanted to do a quick reminder to:

  1. Bring comfortable shoes to the event. Either cross-training shoes from your local shopping mall, or hover shoes from they guy that swears they are real on eBay. And,
  2. Give you the who, what, where, why, and when for sessions by Oracle ACEs. These ACEs are experts in their fields, have fantastic presentation skills (so rest assured, attendees will be riveted!), and have skill sets that permeate through nearly every Oracle topic you can imagine.


Complete list of official sessions by Oracle ACEs for all topics, and yes, there are a lot of them! Focus on Oracle ACE Sessions at OpenWorld 2015.



Many of our Systems ACEs branch out into databases and middleware, but they know who they belong to. I'm looking at you, ErikB.


Featured Presentations by Systems ACEs and Their Colleagues


What: Database Cloud in a Box—DBaaS on Oracle Database Appliance [UGF10279]

Who: Erik Benner,  Enterprise ArchitectMythics, Inc & Wassim KayralaTeam Lead, Engineered SystemsMythics, Inc

Why: Oracle Database Appliance is a powerful system and a great platform for consolidating databases. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows you to manage your data as a service. Combine these two technologies and you have an enterprise-class, private database cloud solution at a low entry cost point. This session demonstrates how Oracle Enterprise Manager allows you to rapidly provision and maintain your Oracle Database Appliance-based cloud solution, focusing on schema and pluggable databases. The cloud is more than just deploying the database, and this session shows how the cloud pack can be used to produce charge-back/show-back reports and identify what resources each database consumed. This session wraps up with a live demonstration of the technology.

When: Sunday, Oct 25, 10:00 a.m.
Where: Moscone South—270

What: Faster and Cost-Effective—One Client’s Journey with Oracle Servers and Storage [CON5595] Who:Erik BennerEnterprise ArchitectMythics, Inc
When: Monday, Oct 26, 12:15 p.m.
Where: Intercontinental—Sutter (5th Floor)

What: Using Puppet Automation to Configure and Deploy Oracle Solaris Zones [CON3648] Who: Brian BreamChief Technology OfficerVaske Computer, Inc. & Eric SteedSr. Virtualization EngineerVaske Computer, Inc.
When: Tuesday, Oct 27, 12:15 p.m.
Where: Intercontinental—Intercontinental B (5th Floor)

What: Database as a Service: What Is It and How Do You Use It? A Q&A with an Expert Panel [CON3637] Who: Gustavo Rene AntunezDBA Team LeadPythian,Erik BennerEnterprise ArchitectMythics, Inc, Charles KimChief Database ArchitectViscosity North America, Steven LemmeWW Director Partner Enablement, Systems & Cloud ManagementOracle, & Seth MillerSenior Database AdministratorSymantec
When: Thursday, Oct 29, 9:30 a.m.
Where: Moscone South—102

What: Innovation, Speed, Reliability: from Japanese Bullet Trains to the Fujitsu Cloud [ESS10816]Who:Erik BennerEnterprise ArchitectMythics, IncWhen: Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m.Where: YBCA Theater

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that the above listed sessions are only the fancy pants Oracle OpenWorld official sessions. We have a lot in store over at the OTN Lounge this year that is not included in that list; including the "Cloud Hour" every day featuring sessions about anything cloudy. On Tuesday, ACE Erik Benner has the stage with the following presentations:


  • 11:00 am | Database backups and recovery via the Oracle Cloud - Learn how the Oracle cloud can be used to backup and recover databases using RMAN, the defacto standard for Oracle backups. Discuss how this solves the backup problem for both  smaller IT organizations and larger Enterprises that use systems ( like the ODA) that are deployed to remote locations.

  • 11:30 am PT | Disaster Recovery, no Server, no problem! Looking for a disaster recovery solution that does not require the purchase of dedicated servers? In this session you will learn how you can leverage the Oracle Cloud to provide Disaster recovery options for your Oracle database AND application servers using a mix of DBaaS, IaaS or PaaS technologies.



See Also:


Have a great weekend everyone! If you want to learn a new skill on your weekend downtime that will help you handle all these sessions, here is a LifeHack article on "...How to Juggle and Improve Your Brain’s Power "

     - Logan Rosenstein-Oracle, OTN Systems Community Manager

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O_Solaris_11_trans.pngIn the latest article Automated Application Development and Deployment with DevOps on Oracle Solaris 11 by Glynn Foster-Oracle, Oracle Solaris Principle Product Manager,  you learn how you can move to a more agile process of development and deployment using Jenkins, Git, Maven, IPS and Puppet.


"One of the biggest buzzwords of the IT industry today is DevOps. DevOps is a term that was coined to describe a software development process that focuses on collaboration and automation, merging the traditional silos of development, quality assurance, and operations. DevOps covers the entire application delivery pipeline, enabling organizations to rapidly develop applications, continuously deploy them, and incorporate feedback back into the development cycle faster. This often means faster development cycles, reduced risk through incremental changes, and the ability to test these changes with a "fail faster" mentality. Using the DevOps approach, operations are typically programmable and automated on standardized platforms, and driven from an application-centric view.


By far the biggest hurdle in moving to a DevOps model is the organizational changes required: aligning people from different departments and establishing a clear understanding for a new development process—whether that's managing particular tasks through Scrum or Kanban methodologies, instilling an agile set of values, or some other practice that suits an organization. This article focuses on the required tooling and how you can chain different technologies together to provide more-agile application delivery.


There is no single correct way with DevOps, and there are many different technologies that can achieve very similar results. The intent of this article is to show that Oracle Solaris 11 is an equally capable platform for achieving this business agility, without compromising the fundamental enterprise-proven architectures of a more traditional approach. Let's begin our journey by taking a look at Jenkins...." [Click Here to Read More]


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ErrorMessages.gifIn this weeks Throwback Thursday post, I wanted to revisit a popular article posted last year by Mike  Cuppett on How Error Messages Found in Network Packets Revealed the Root Cause of Slow Screen Refreshes. With a title like that, its really hard to guess what its about.... I'm kidding. Its a great how-to post that shows the thought process and methods used to investigate and fix a performance issue as activity increased.


From the article:

"Several teams were recently collaborating in the hunt for opportunities  to bring stability and performance enhancements to a client's primary  application, which supports nearly US$20 billion worth of transactions  annually. The user base had grown 50 percent over the past eight months, straining  the infrastructure resources, including the newly built private cloud database platform.  The primary issue: application users reporting screen refresh times exceeding  20 seconds.

Growth always provides improvement opportunities by  revealing bottlenecks as transaction counts increase, data volume expands, and  network traffic explodes. Quickly, the teams built the "expected" list of tasks:  tune a handful of poor-performing queries; expand database memory to reduce  physical reads; shift batch job start times to decrease resource competition  during peak load, and so on...." if you want to read more, you better go to the source!:How Error Messages Found in Network Packets Revealed the Root Cause of Slow Screen Refreshes


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