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We have developed at Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) a Java application that allows to automaticaly correct test exams based on filling bubbles. It has successfully replaced a former… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Clancy Merrick
I have been using JDK 9 on Windows 10 x64 for a while but when I went to install a recent early release (b174), I first uninstalled the previous version (as usual) and then ran the new installer.  … (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Hi,   how can I subscribe to security alerts for both Oracle JDK & OpenJDK ?     Thanks Jean-Louis Matéo
in Java SE Early Access
Christian Stein
Copied from: down votefavorite     How do I /exit a jshell session with a non-zero error code? /exit yields: Process… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Graal (i.e. the module jdk.internal.vm.compiler) seems to be missing from the Java 9 EA for MacOS. I noticed this with b166 and it is still so in b167.   As it is perfectly possible to download the… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
It reports:   Cannot access threads in target application.   This is VisualVM 1.39 on an application running under jdk9-ea+166. Is this a known problem? It resembles JDK-8165005. Makes it hard to… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Hello everyone,   Let me know the information about below problem on JRE 9.   1. JRE 9 build 168 for windows 32 bit was installed without any problem (OS is windows 7 professional 32 bit) 2. For… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
rajendra rathore
Hi All,   I had a query regarding new Xlog:gc framework in java9. I want to use full path to redirect the gc loggers into log file. I tried below option and it not working, if anyone having any… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Want to report a problem I got with the latest build snapshot of JDK 9.   I have a small application that opens a Login dialog before the main application (which is just a Hello World example).  … (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
Can anyone advise if it is possible to use in Java 9 and, if so, how to set it up. I got the following error mesage when I tried to run my program in Java 9. cannot access class… (Show more)
in Java SE Early Access
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