1. Siebel remains one of the only large scale customer service contact center products.

Deployed across the globe by large enterprises across many B2B and B2C industries.”

(Source: Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center 2014).


2. Siebel IS "Generally Available" and can be sold to any customer. Don’t believe misinformation to the contrary!


3. 82% of customers are on the latest release of Siebel. Why? To take advantage of Open UI which deploys on different browsers & mobile devices, and other innovations.


4. Oracle continues to invest in Siebel: 5% growth in R&D staffing growth over the last 3 years so we can deliver innovation for our customers.


5. Oracle is a partner with benefits! We introduced the Customer to Cloud (C2C) program to help you

with flexible financial incentives, packaged cloud solutions and rapid startup services for your cloud based plans while maintaining what customers like about Siebel.

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