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Its easy to upload a VM from your VMware ESX Server and run it in the Cloud utilizing the Oracle Ravello Cloud Service.

By following the tutorial you can have your VM from VMware uploaded and running in the Cloud in minutes and you don't have to modify your application.

For more detail see the tutorial located here

Learn how Oracle’s tools and solutions make application development life cycle faster and predictable for both developers and operations using Oracle Developer Cloud Service. Also learn how Oracle Management Cloud enables continuous monitoring and log analytics to provide predictable high performance in production environments.

You’ll learn:

  • DevOps Overview
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) Using Python or Java
  • Agile and Project Management with Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment with Oracle Developer Cloud
  • Write and Deploy Code using Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Continuous Monitoring with Oracle Management Cloud
  • Monitoring Enterprise Applications and Rapid Troubleshooting
  • Capacity Planning

To attend this class virtually May 17th, learn more and register here,P149_PREV_PAGE:5457,147