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The Debian image for Oracle Compute is built using bootstrap-vz bootstrapping framework  and is described in the documentation at

A prepared Debian image using bootstrap-vz can be uploaded as a custom image into Oracle Compute Cloud Service


Further checkout the tutorial on how to create an instance using a Debian image


Business people now crave what the cloud can bring: agility, efficiency, and innovation. All industry surveys show the same thing: The vast majority of organizations see themselves using a combination of public and private cloud resources for the foreseeable future. But will they work together?


Here’s the problem: Most public and private clouds are inherently dissimilar. They’re built on different technologies. They’re paid for, operated, consumed, and supported differently. They behave differently. No matter what aspect you consider, it’s the differences you notice, not the similarities. Learn more in the article published in Forbes


Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) now offers an immediate opportunity to cloud-focused partners who are interested in building their business with Oracle Cloud.

For a limited time join OPN with no membership fee and begin your journey with Oracle.

Small businesses who embrace the cloud achieve 25 percent additional revenue growth compared to cloud skeptics and more than double their profits, according to research from Exact and Pb7 Research.

  • Security is the primary reason U.S. small businesses choose to implement online business software, followed by hopes to reduce technology costs, lower maintenance requirements and gain easy mobile access to critical business information.
  • However, those who use cloud software have found ease-of-use, enhanced ability to find and share information and increased productivity as the top benefits actually experienced.
  • Cloud is no longer just for large enterprises

Read more here on the survey on how cloud usage among small businesses is exploding thanks to the tangible business value it has been proven to deliver


The worldwide public cloud computing market is expected to reach nearly $70 billion this year, according to research firm International Data Corp. (IDC).

With the the top five verticals being:

  • discrete manufacturing
  • banking
  • professional services
  • process manufacturing
  • retail

accounting for about 45% of total spending in the market.

Read more about it in the posting by ThoughtsonCloud

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Research survey shows that only 20 percent have ruled out using industry cloud within their organization.

Read more about it in this ZDNet article

hmmm.jpgIn the Sept 2014 United States Government Accountability Office GAO-14-753 report to congressional requesters

- agencies collectively  reported $96 million in cost savings related to implementation of 22 cloud services

- in some instances motivation was not to save cost but to improve services or offer new ones

- in addition to cost savings benefits were found after migrating systems and services to a cloud computing service including: decreased time to deploy, increased flexibility, reduced IT infrastructure

- many legacy investments still to be evaluated when modernized or reach the end of their life-cycle

- legacy systems a challenge to access because agency personnel reluctant to cede direct control of IT resources

and having appropriate expertise for the acquisition of cloud services has been a challenge. Get more details in the report here

Maybe you are thinking about joining OPN and didn't have a chance to attend the the FY14 Partner Kickoff event, here is one perspective posted afterwards from someone in attendance and their takeaways.

  • Oracle perceives partners as an extension of its sales force
  • Oracle is investing $5B annually in R&D activities
  • Oracle is helping partners to win

More can be found in the blog they posted after the event here