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Explore Endless Possibilities with Thought Leaders and Innovators


Oracle OpenWorld Europe: London

12-13 February

At Oracle OpenWorld Europe you’ll meet the minds behind breakthrough ideas that shape the future. Get inspiration from the thought leaders, technologists, and innovators who are redefining what’s achievable: explore the limits of human endurance and the boundaries of achievement; focus on the biggest trends transforming the business and technology landscape; and look ahead at the opportunities and risks of the dawning autonomous age.

Join Oracle CEO Safra Catz and many more speakers for two days filled with innovation, learning and exchange, as they share their unique perspectives. Register today to reserve your seat.


We hope to see you in February in London! Join us to gain valuable insights from Oracle Senior leaders as they share our cloud direction and strategy. Learn how to do more with your applications, adopt new technologies, and be inspired by product experts and your industry peers.


Be Inspired by Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Shapers of the Future


Oracle OpenWorld Middle East: Dubai

14-15 January 2020




Join us at Oracle OpenWorld Middle East on 14–15 January 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Immerse yourself in two days of infinite possibilities of a data-driven world and see data in new ways, discover hidden insights, and unlock the full potential and possibilities of your organisation.

You’ll hear real-world success stories from your peers, sharing how they’ve transformed their business and technology by maximising opportunities from the dawning of autonomous age to creating the future of their organisation with business results that matter.


Hear from Abu Dhabi Customs, Access Bank Plc, ADNOC Distribution Inc, Al Shirawi, AI Tayer Group, Arabtec, Caixa Bank, CERN, DP World, Emaar Properties, First Abu Dhabi Bank, FlyDubai, Government of Canon Middle Bosnia, Lamprell, Landmark, Mauritius Commercial Bank, MTN, Precision Group, Zamil Industrial and many more!

Register now—there is no cost to attend, but space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

At the end of yet another successful Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco (16-19 September 2019), let's review the highlights and use the opportunity to reflect on what is turning OOW into a successful story.

                                              OOW19_.jpg large.jpg                                                 

Certainly, Oracle OpenWorld has been for many years now a landmark for welcoming, networking and exchanging ideas with our EMEA & APAC Partners, but also for leading cloud technologies, from Cloud Applications to Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

Our Alliances & Channels Team was present at the Partner Welcome Reception and explored it as a great opportunity to exchange information and best practices.



awardwinners.jpg large.jpg



Our partners' successes throughout the year have been recognized by our Vice President, Javier Torres, at the EMEA & APAC Award Winners Reception. Once again, we congratulate them for their commitment with us!


Before anything else, #OOW19 has provided us with new paths in the digital transformation.

We had more than 2,200 educational sessions led by more than 2,000 customers and partners who had the opportunity to directly share their experiences.


This year, Oracle PartnerNetwork Global Summit brought OPN in 2020 – the New Partner Program:

The modern, cloud-first, customer-focused OPN in 2020 program allows our partners to choose their path and select the appropriate track(s): Build, Sell, Service.

Javier Torres attended Brian Hamel's Sell Segment along with the Regional A&C Leaders, Fabiano Matos and Dale Weideling. In the panel, Javier strengthened:

  • The partners’ importance in a successful customer journey, outlining how business transformation comes with expansion and revenues growth
  • The Cloud Center of Excellence as a flagship program where we have a perfect symbiosis between Oracle and our partners' ecosystem

The wide range of opportunities through OPN in 2020 program: developing depth expertise in a specific solution, according to the geographic area existent technologies, investing in skills and trainings, building up those solutions willing to fully satisfy the customers.


larryellison.jpg large.jpgWe strongly suggest taking a look at the exciting news about the Launch of Autonomous Linux that Larry Ellison shared with us in his first keynote:

  • Oracle extends autonomous capabilities to Linux operating system, marking an important milestone in our company’s autonomous strategy. The new technology significantly reduces potential downtime and the risk of security breaches.

Vmware-icon.png  mcr.PNG Open strategy for our customers with complete VMware support in our cloud, close collaboration  with Microsoft through high speed data center connection, better MS-SQL support in our cloud and free unlimited cloud access.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Global Footprint will reach 36 regions in Q4FY20, surpassing AWS (23 of them will be in EMEA & APAC).
  • Better performance and flexibility from our cloud as it continues to deliver best-in-class technology, leading with autonomous

We invite to find more about Gen 2 Cloud Autonomous Infrastructure here.

This year Larry had 2 keynotes during OOW and you can find it here.

During the conference, CEI SaaS Roundtable has welcomed 33 EMEA & APAC and engaged discussions between CEI SaaS partners & our A&C Team. Most important, they have celebrated milestones reached in FY19 and leveraging ideas for our joint innovation journey

In addition, EMEA & APAC VAD Reception has welcomed 38 partners involved in distribution business. It has been a great moment for our VADs to network and exchange information among their peers. On this occasion further opportunities have tackled as VADs will engage more with our partners throughout FY20.

Also, it is very important to mention that Oracle and Microsoft have been together on the stage, elaborating on the both companies joining forces - Expand Cloud Partnership to Boost Workplace Productivity.

Hillel Cooperman amazed the audience when presenting the new Redwood user experience. Make sure you’re watching the UX Design Video available on demand.


Furthermore, 43 Partners have visited Slack's HQ along with Havovi Yazdabadi and Orla Ni Chorcora. It has been a great and fun opportunity to leverage Slack’s best practices around change management.


We want to sincerely thank you all for being our highly valued customers and partners! We are confident you found the OOW sessions this year as being innovative and inspiring.

Fostered by our customers and partners, #OOW19 was a great performance, reason why we are already looking forward to meeting you on the next OOW.



EEsy98jXYAAMida.jpg large.jpg

The Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels management team had the great honor to announce the 9 EMEA Partner Excellence Award winners 2019 during OPN Partner Experience at Oracle OpenWorld on Sunday, 15th September 2019.


"These awards recognize specialized partners who demonstrated an outstanding level of innovation in delivering proven, Oracle-based solutions that solve our joint customers' most critical business challenges. This achievement is a testament to their dedication to excellence and to providing customers solutions and services that drive real business value and results." - Javier Torres - Vice President, Alliances & Channels and ISV, EMEA and APAC


Congratulations to all EMEA Partner Excellence Award winners!




Oracle FY20 Global Partner Kickoff

Oracle's FY20 Global Partner Kickoff was a huge success. A number of key executives took us through our collective strategy for a continued successful partnership with Oracle, the competitive advantages of Oracle technology, as well as channel go-to-market strategy for all partner business models.

If you missed the live show or want to revisit a particular topic, we encourage you to watch the replay.

To those of you who tuned in this week, thank you. Your viewership and enthusiasm are inspiring. We look forward to achieving even greater results with you in FY20.

The Oracle PartnerNetwork Team

c82-green-awards-group-photo.jpgAre you working with a customer that is using any Oracle product to help with their sustainability initiatives?


Nominations are due Monday June 21 for the Oracle Sustainability Innovation Awards. These global awards go to select customers and their partners who use any of Oracle products to reduce their environmental footprint while improving their operational efficiencies. Examples include using Oracle Cloud solutions to drive down power consumption, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to lower storage requirements and save energy using advanced compression, or one of many other products.


Either a partner, the customer, or Oracle representative can submit the nomination form on behalf of the customer. Oracle Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Jeff Henley will present these global awards to the winning customers and their partners at a special executive session at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.


Questions? Send an email to:



Thank you to those partners that attended Oracle OpenWorld 2018 in person or followed along online. Even with the conference over, you can continue to make the most of the Partner Experience

at OpenWorld.


Check out the keynote replays and partner session presentations to get caught up on the latest news out of this year’s conference.


Learn More.

img-br-exec-523633-487x447.jpgIf you’ve had the chance to work in partnership with an Oracle Value-Adding Distributor when building and executing deals with your customers, you’ll already know how helpful they can be. But, there’s a lot more to them than just their Oracle expertise and the scale they’re able to operate at.


Over the coming months a series of informative communications will be shared with you, helping you understand and unlock the full value that Oracle VADs can bring to your deals and operations across EMEA.

This series of communications will cover:

» The deep local expertise of VADs
» The commercial and financing options enabled and extended by VADs
» How VADs support your marketing efforts
» How you can use VADs to help get your customers to the Cloud faster


Whether you’re already working closely with a VAD or you’ve never engaged with one before, these communications will help you understand all of the ways they can help you sell smarter, sell faster, and sell more.


Find below the communications shared with you and check regularly the The Value of Working with Oracle EMEA VADs page for updates (OPS membership required to view):


» Unlock the full value of Oracle Value-Adding Distributors (16 October 2018)

» Make Marketing Simple with Your Local Oracle VAD (13 November 2018)

» Transact and Close your On-Premise and Cloud Deals Quickly with Your Local VAD ( December 2018)

» VADs Deliver Total Payment Flexibility (January 2019)

» Oracle VADs Are Your Trusted Local Experts (February 2019)

» Oracle VADs: Here to Help You Hit Your Targets for Oracle Q4 Close and Beyond (March 2019)

Great new Cloud solutions from Oracle Partners in EMEA ready to be implemented within joint Customers and prospects!





From Cloud ready infrastructure and implementation to monetization and digital transformation, Oracle 'In Touch' PartnerCast is the essential guide supporting you on your Cloud transformation journey.


If you missed any of the episodes or, simply want to relive the journey, the entire season is available now on demand.


This is a great resource for many Partners finding the tips, tricks, and detailed information shared on our commercial programs and models to be invaluable for their business success.


Full details of each episode can be found below.


As we venture into our new financial year, do keep an eye out for our brand-new content announcements coming soon.


Our Journey to the Cloud is well underway, catch up on the journey so far:


Episode 10: Legendary experiences from Modern CX 2018

Episode 9: Why Cloud is integral to Digital Transformation

Episode 8: Building the Business Case for Oracle's Complete Cloud Platform – Part 2
Episode 7: Building the Business Case for Oracle's Complete Cloud Platform – Part 1

Legendary experiences from Modern CX 2018
A round-up of the key announcements from Modern CX, and what these mean for you

Why Cloud is integral to Digital Transformation
How Oracle'ssustainable Cloud offering addresses digital transformation needs and increases business value

Building the Business Case for Oracle's Complete Cloud Platform – Part 2
How Oracle's frameworks address security and compliance requirements within cloud environments

Building the Business Case for Oracle's Complete Cloud Platform – Part 1 - most popular
Discover opportunities to develop value-added services leveraging Oracle’s BYOL commercial model to PaaS and Autonomous Database
Episode 6: Go Beyond

Episode 5: A 5* Review

Episode 3: Win. Win…with Cloud Ready Infrastructure

Episode 2: Show Me the Money – Monetization of the Cloud

Go Beyond
Accelerate customer engagement with Oracle's VAD network and 'Go Beyond' initiative

A 5* Review
Find out how to become a Cloud Excellence Implementer

Win - Win..with Cloud Ready Infrastructure
Key sales play for taking the first steps towards cloud transformation

Show Me the Money -
Monetization of the Cloud

A masterclass on monetizing the cloud

Best regards,

Oracle 'In Touch' Team

To be successful in business, social media can help you to identify new opportunities, profile new contacts, monitor a market or territory. It is a great time and resource saver.


This new Digital Tools for Sales and Marketing eBook shares our experience in using social media tools. It will help you to create your toolbox and define your daily business routine as a salesperson or marketer. You can:


Research - Tools to identify market trends, content, contacts

Explore - Tools to profile contacts and engage in conversations with insights

Manage - Tools to monitor, measure and improve the use of social media


We already shared training videos to learn how to use LinkedIn/Twitter and released an eBook to share new digital & social practices in creating impactful content, engaging events or programmatic campaigns.


Let us be more connected and interact more often. This transformation journey will offer a new partnering experience.


Download the Digital Tools for Sales and Marketing eBook!


We encourage you to share the eBook with your peers, discuss with your Oracle partner manager and tell us about your own practices to inspire each other.


Best regards,


Oracle EMEA Partner Sales Digital Transformation Team


On January 8th, Oracle launched Oracle Sales Central for Oracle PartnerNetwork members, giving them access to the same portal as Oracle sellers, including the vast majority of assets sellers are privy to, anywhere, anytime.


How do I get started using Sales Central?

  1. Connect.  Go to, and bookmark it for future use
  2. Learn.  Click on the video “How Sales Central can help you”, and watch a short 5-minute overview.
  3. Log-in.  Click on “Go to Sales Central”, and use your OPN credentials to log in.
  4. Access Content. Download something you need. Pick a category of Platform, SaaS or Converged Infrastructure, explore Sales Plays, Product Content and Industry Solutions, then select a selling tool such as a battle cards or a customer presentation to download.


O_PartnerDays_clr.png?a=1510930183239Oracle Partner Day is the foundation to building a better future with you, our valued Partner. No matter where you are on your journey to the Cloud, Oracle Partner Days will provide all the tools you need to take that next step as you:

  • ENGAGE with our A&C Leaders to discover how we can help you on your journey to the Cloud
  • LEARN how to consolidate your business in the Cloud
  • SHARE success stories with our wider Partner Network


Oracle Partner Days are just around the corner and we look forward to seeing you there! Spaces are limited. Secure your place and register now by selecting an event in the Oracle calendar below.


OBIC_Business_Calendar_detailed.pngEvents Calendar


ClusterCountryLocationDateLanguageInformation & Registration
ECEMEA74947-flag-south-africa-1958194.jpg South AfricaJohannesburgOctober 26, 2017English See photos from the Event
Western Europe1843734.jpg FinlandHelsinkiOctober 31, 2017FinnishSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA74947-flag-nigeria-1958197.jpg NigeriaLagosNovember 3, 2017EnglishSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA74947-flag-uae-1922920.jpg UAEDubaiNovember 14, 2017EnglishSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843736.jpg GermanyFrankfurtNovember 14, 2017GermanSee photos from the Event
ECEMEAivory-coast-flag-2623519.png Ivory CoastAbidjanNovember 14, 2017FrenchSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843731.jpg DenmarkCopenhagenNovember 15, 2017DanishSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA74947-flag-kenya-1958198.jpg KenyaNairobiNovember 16, 2017EnglishSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843756.jpg SpainMadridNovember 21, 2017SpanishSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843758.jpg SwedenStockholmNovember 22, 2017SwedishSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843748.jpg NorwayOsloNovember 30, 2017NorwegianSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843735.jpg FranceParisJanuary 16, 2018FrenchSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA74947-flag-lebanon-2185402.jpg LebanonBeirutFebruary 6, 2018EnglishSee photos from the Event
Western Europe

1843743.jpg Italy

MilanFebruary 13, 2018ItalianSee photos from the Event
Western Europe1843746.jpg NetherlandsAmsterdamMarch 20, 2018DutchSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA74947-flag-romania-1906742.jpg RomaniaBucharestMarch 21, 2018EnglishSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA1843763.jpg TurkeyIstanbulApril 12, 2018EnglishSee photos from the Event
ECEMEA1843755.jpg RussiaMoscowApril 17, 2018RussianSee photos from the Event





Follow us to get the latest news from EMEA Oracle Partner Days: OBIC_Social_Facebook_detailed.png OBIC_Social_Twitter_detailed.png OBIC_Social_LinkedIn_detailed.png

If your personal Oracle account is not linked to your company’s Oracle account. This means you are missing out on important, secure Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) assets and tools not available for public viewing.
We strongly encourage you to update and link your individual account to your company account. By badging to your company ID, you will be able to access OPN secure content, opt-in to OPN Knowledge Zones through the Oracle Partner Store or subscribe to your topics of preference in the new Subscription Center. This will allow you to receive customized product & solution-specific communications aligned to your areas of interest.


bulletProduct updates & enhancements
bulletUpcoming partner enablement focused webinars and live events
bulletOPN certification testing and secure training information
bulletDevelopment & demo licenses
bulletEligibility for Specialization, Exastack Ready, and Validated Integration
bulletOPN program updates and Oracle Partner Store policy updates
bulletHere is a complete list of available benefits.














If your individual profile is not mapped to your company membership ID, or if you do not have access to, follow these two simple steps:


bulletCreate an account or sign in from the Get Started section of the OPN Portal
bulletLink your account to your company ID in Oracle Partner Store (If you don’t know your OPN Company ID or need further assistance, contact your local Oracle Partner Business Center)


Having trouble creating an account? This 5-minute video will guide you through the process.

If you're in an admin role, it is critical to your company’s relationship with Oracle. As a reminder, among core responsibilities like managing the OPN membership & agreements and acting as Oracle’s “go-to” for critical communications, you are also responsible for managing your company’s users and access levels.


We know that employees come and go in the corporate world, so we want to emphasize how vital it is that you continually keep your company’s users up to date to ensure Oracle updates always reach the right contacts in your company.


Please follow the below 2 simple steps and validate your company's users:


  1. Identify & Evaluate your company’s usersoffer
    • Access Oracle Partner Store
    • Select: ‘Accounts’
    • Click: ‘User Management’
    • Filter company users by ‘Active’ status
  2. Update company user role and/or end-date as needed
    • Click: ‘View Details’ to update user
    • offerClick: ‘Contact Role’ and select a different role if needed. (See User Access Roles for detailed information about the different roles.)
    • Enter a date to the: ‘Role End date’ if the user is no longer with the company or they are only allowed role access for a period of time. (For example, if a user is no longer with the company, enter the date you are making the change. Or, if a user is only allowed assigned role access for a period of time – i.e. one year – add the end date accordingly.)

For more information on how to manage memberships, please review the training at the OPN Information Center. (See “Partner Administrator Roles and Responsibilities” video in the “Manage Membership” section).


Thank you in advance for keeping us all up-to-date.