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Cloud for IT Partners


A cloud revolution is sweeping the planet. Increasing numbers of companies across the world are recognizing the numerous tangible benefits for their business, and for their customers, of transitioning their operations to the cloud. The change is hardly limited to digital companies, and indeed, cloud solutions are expanding most rapidly in traditionally non-digital sectors. Companies looking to make the cloud transition are facing the business-critical but daunting challenge of selecting the right cloud solution from a multitude of vendors - one that meets the needs of their specific operations and that can also provide their business with the flexibility to adapt as cloud technologies evolve.


What does this mean for external IT partners? Among other things, it tells us that what businesses need more than ever is a partner that not only understands their individual business requirements, but that also possesses deep expertise on cloud technologies - with the ability to provide the knowledge, skills, and reassurance to help customers transform their businesses.


The New Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program


opn-cloud-program-logo-2874685.pngRecognizing the cloud technology needs of today’s progressive businesses, and the demands placed on IT partners, Oracle has launched the Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program to help Oracle Partners succeed in and accelerate the cloud revolution.


The program, which kicked off on February 1st, is designed to help –you increase innovation, lead business transformation, and fully realize the competitive advantages offered through Oracle Cloud. By delivering technical and go-to-market support, it enables partners to rapidly build successful Oracle Cloud businesses.


Free trial to Oracle University’s Cloud Learning Subscriptions


Among the many benefits of the new Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program is a free trial to Oracle University’s Cloud Learning Subscriptions. These provide anytime, anywhere training to help Oracle Partners accelerate their understanding of Oracle Cloud offerings, and get the technical expertise you need to implement Oracle Cloud technologies in some of the fastest growing segments of the cloud market - Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).


Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions provide 24/7 access to a comprehensive set of training videos delivered by Oracle product experts, end-to-end training that spans the entire lifecycle of an Oracle Cloud Application or Platform Service, and continuous updates for product enhancements and new product releases. They provide lessons, demonstrations, and labs so that Oracle Partner consultants can quickly learn - at a time and place that fits working schedules - how to apply these products to benefit their respective customers.


And as we can see above, there’s no shortage of products to choose from. Oracle University’s Cloud Learning Subscriptions cover multiple cloud applications and services so that you can meet the diverse needs of the cloud market. With the depth of knowledge offered by Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions, you will gain the expertise to help companies transform their operations - whoever the customer, whatever the need.


Oracle Partners now signing up for the new Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program are eligible to receive a free Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription trial, where you can fully test the content at zero cost. Requesting this free trial is easy, just fill out this form.


Those partners wishing to subsequently purchase a one-year subscription also receive a 30% discount on regular Cloud Learning Subscription prices. The specific benefits for the free trial access are based on the your Oracle Cloud tier level according to the following table:



The free trial recognizes the commitment of Oracle Partners and empowers you to differentiate your Oracle Cloud expertise. It provides the opportunity to sample learning content - and explore new Oracle Cloud technologies - prior to purchasing subscriptions at a discounted rate.


Grow Your Business

Oracle Partners can also grow their businesses by positioning these Cloud Learning Subscriptions to their customers. This means that they will also have the ability to investigate the latest Oracle Cloud technologies and gain the confidence to select them for their business transformations.


The Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program and Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions make it easy for you to get the technical expertise to support Oracle’s Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services. You are subsequently empowered to showcase your expertise, skills, and investment in the Oracle Cloud, and to play a much-needed and financially rewarding role, meeting the diverse needs of your customers in the unfolding cloud revolution.