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Dear Partner,subscription-center.png

We are pleased to announce that the new Oracle Subscription Center is now available to our partners worldwide. We would encourage you to please visit the page and see how it can help you to grow your business.

Do You  Want Easy Access to Oracle Content?
The recently launched Oracle Subscription Center is designed to  make it easy to receive the most relevant Oracle product information for your  business. Of all the features, these are the three we’re most proud of:

    1. Personalization: YOU select your topics  of interest based on your role and industry and receive updates around those  topics;
    2. User Interface: Subscribing via the  simple, streamlined platform will be the easiest thing you do all day;
    3. Accessibility: You can update your topics  at any time (in & out in under 30 seconds).

Sounds good? Then see it for yourself! And remember to associate your Oracle account with your OPN company ID,  and encourage your colleagues to register for access and not miss out on any OPN content!