If your personal Oracle account is not linked to your company’s Oracle account. This means you are missing out on important, secure Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) assets and tools not available for public viewing.
We strongly encourage you to update and link your individual account to your company account. By badging to your company ID, you will be able to access OPN secure content, opt-in to OPN Knowledge Zones through the Oracle Partner Store or subscribe to your topics of preference in the new Subscription Center. This will allow you to receive customized product & solution-specific communications aligned to your areas of interest.


bulletProduct updates & enhancements
bulletUpcoming partner enablement focused webinars and live events
bulletOPN certification testing and secure training information
bulletDevelopment & demo licenses
bulletEligibility for Specialization, Exastack Ready, and Validated Integration
bulletOPN program updates and Oracle Partner Store policy updates
bulletHere is a complete list of available benefits.














If your individual profile is not mapped to your company membership ID, or if you do not have access to oracle.com/partners, follow these two simple steps:


bulletCreate an Oracle.com account or sign in from the Get Started section of the OPN Portal
bulletLink your account to your company ID in Oracle Partner Store (If you don’t know your OPN Company ID or need further assistance, contact your local Oracle Partner Business Center)


Having trouble creating an Oracle.com account? This 5-minute video will guide you through the process.