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To be successful in business, social media can help you to identify new opportunities, profile new contacts, monitor a market or territory. It is a great time and resource saver.


This new Digital Tools for Sales and Marketing eBook shares our experience in using social media tools. It will help you to create your toolbox and define your daily business routine as a salesperson or marketer. You can:


Research - Tools to identify market trends, content, contacts

Explore - Tools to profile contacts and engage in conversations with insights

Manage - Tools to monitor, measure and improve the use of social media


We already shared training videos to learn how to use LinkedIn/Twitter and released an eBook to share new digital & social practices in creating impactful content, engaging events or programmatic campaigns.


Let us be more connected and interact more often. This transformation journey will offer a new partnering experience.


Download the Digital Tools for Sales and Marketing eBook!


We encourage you to share the eBook with your peers, discuss with your Oracle partner manager and tell us about your own practices to inspire each other.


Best regards,


Oracle EMEA Partner Sales Digital Transformation Team