img-br-exec-523633-487x447.jpgIf you’ve had the chance to work in partnership with an Oracle Value-Adding Distributor when building and executing deals with your customers, you’ll already know how helpful they can be. But, there’s a lot more to them than just their Oracle expertise and the scale they’re able to operate at.


Over the coming months a series of informative communications will be shared with you, helping you understand and unlock the full value that Oracle VADs can bring to your deals and operations across EMEA.

This series of communications will cover:

» The deep local expertise of VADs
» The commercial and financing options enabled and extended by VADs
» How VADs support your marketing efforts
» How you can use VADs to help get your customers to the Cloud faster


Whether you’re already working closely with a VAD or you’ve never engaged with one before, these communications will help you understand all of the ways they can help you sell smarter, sell faster, and sell more.


Find below the communications shared with you and check regularly the The Value of Working with Oracle EMEA VADs page for updates (OPS membership required to view):


» Unlock the full value of Oracle Value-Adding Distributors (16 October 2018)

» Make Marketing Simple with Your Local Oracle VAD (13 November 2018)

» Transact and Close your On-Premise and Cloud Deals Quickly with Your Local VAD ( December 2018)

» VADs Deliver Total Payment Flexibility (January 2019)

» Oracle VADs Are Your Trusted Local Experts (February 2019)

» Oracle VADs: Here to Help You Hit Your Targets for Oracle Q4 Close and Beyond (March 2019)