• Prerequisites for upgradation from essbase 9.2.1 to

    Hi ,   we r going to migrate our application from essbase 9.2.1 to on windows environment. what r all things we need to take care and backups.what r d things which we need to take care as a Technical g...
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  • Redundant SSO server

    We have 2 tiers EBS and separate SSO server installation, the versions of the installation are as following.   Question: Is it possible to setup a redundant SSO server for EBS 12.1.3? That means one SSO server d...
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  • Querying users and their resource names from SSO tables

    Hi, Any ideas how to query the SSO tables so that i can extract all users and which "Resource Access Information" (for Forms based applications) is assigned to each user.? A bit like the solution on the link below b...
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  • Oracle SSO Failure - Unable to process request

    Hello All,   We are working on a server where we are using Single Sign On authentication. There are two servers(for example) : 1) abc.website.com 2) pqr.website.com   Initially, we had SSL certificate...
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  • I want to know about hardware requirement of oracle web content management for enterprises level and for poc/demo purpose too

    I want to know about hardware requirement@.
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  • Oracle SSO 10g with Oracle WebCenter portal 11g (

    My client is having an existing Single Sign On solution  (SSO 10g) and now we are implementing webcenter portal 11g (   The client is going for OID 11g for the new implementation and wants old SSO...
    Yousuf Baig
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  • Password expiration

    Hi   What happens if a user does not login for the first time before the password expiration period has passed? For example if the period is set to 30 days and the user does not attempt a first login until day 3...
    Mark Riles
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  • Has anyone sucessfully implemented SSO in PeopleTools with Entrust GetAccess?

    We are running PT 8.52 and HCM 9.1 and would like to use Entrust GetAccess SSO with PeopleSoft.  We have followed all the provided guides but there really isn't enough info on the Oracle site to fully understand ...
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  • determine OIF version from script

    I am writing a perl script which captures the inventory of a machine. So far I run:     opatch lsinventory -detail   ggsci -v   rpm -qa Is there anyway to find the OIF version from the command...
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  • Incorporate Oracle Corporate SSO

    Hi,   I have a sample application deployed in WebLogic 12c and current goal is to incorporate Oracle Corporate SSO with the application. I am following processes mentioned in CorporateSSOPartnerApplicationReque...
    Sumit Biswas
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  • ESSO-LM - Network Provider conflict prevents LM from interacting with applications

    Hi all, We are experiencing sporadic issues with ESSO-LM not responding properly to logon requests; specifically, not responding to pre-defined applications due to unpredictable changes occurring to the network provi...
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  • How to disable change password and forgot password functionality into IDM or IDM FA Solution

    hi FA group,   I would like to share this chronicle that I just published related of FA-IDM business requirement that we usually have and its possibilities. Just a matter of sharing knowledge here. thank you for...
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  • SSO on FHCM

    Hello,   I'm trying to understand what is needed to create SSO and Active directory connection with Fusion HCM? What is the procedure? How long does it take? what does it required from me as an implementer? ...
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  • OAM SDK Issues

    Hi All,   I am trying to enable SSO from my custom login page, when i try to access a protected resource, but the document code is not working, when i try to run the servlet, it's failing in creating the default ...
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  • Is it possible to use WebLogic Authentication to automatically login/connect to EBS 12.2?

    Hello All and thanks for any help with this.     I am attempting to develop a script that will configure single sign on from Windows Native Authentication (WNA), using Kerberos, then Weblogic server would ac...
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  • Fusion User Import in R8. User not visible in Manage User

    Hi,   We have imported users in using FBL R8. Imported User is visible in Resource Directory , same user is not visible in Manage Users.     Regards, Judy
  • File Import R8 - Customer Object

    Hi,   I have imported Customer Standard fields via FBL. I  want to import customer Email Id , we have FAX,ADDRESS,PHONE in Customer object. I am not able to find field in mapping page for the same. I am ab...
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  • FA with IDM (integration) flow solution

    hi all,        I just would like to share with you guys this post that is very helpful if you are looking to integrate your current IDM enterprise with Oracle FA(+IDM soultion inside of it): &...
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  • Question

    We have number of intranets sites, hosted in web logic server, each have its own authentication framework. Now we have a new requests to implement the single sign on. There is another team who are communicating with a...
  • How to change Logo in Login Page , BI & OIM page

    Hi,   Our client requested to change the logo in Login page, BI and OIM., is that possible? please confirm.   Thanks, Sumathi M
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