• out of sequence activities

    I am familiar with using the schedule log to find out of sequence activities but I need a way to find activities that are completed but have predecessors that are not complete. I'm thinking the only way to catch these...
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  • Unexplained Negative Float, any clues?

    Primavera Contractor User Community have a baseline schedule in P6v7. I utilized two different types of calendars each has a different start and end time for work shifts. for example, the first calendar has its work...
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  • P6 to DispatchLogix to Collect EVM

    Hello,   We are collecting field progress with Dispatchlogix and now moving to update % complete with P6.   We have the field data updates and % complete updates into P6, now looking for updates from P...
  • Data Date

    Hi Folks, I have muliple progects in P6 Professional v7, and I am not able to add a coulmn to show each activity Data date. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Roumenda
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  • Periodic SPI-Psix

    I have a finished project with the actuals reflected, at hand, from which I’d like to get monthly reports. What I mostly want from the report is what the project performance in terms of SPI was at the time, whic...
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  • Seeking a solution to a Primavera .xer export error

    The problem: When an .xer export from Primavera Enterprise P6 is compared to the original, all the EVM data (hours / material costs / dates) matches up with the exception of the Planned values (BCWS) for nearly 25% of...
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  • Why So Many Posts?

    Hi, I was wondering the reason for EVM gettiing not traffic. I also think that I will not get a response to this post... Cost Manager is a very good application, so probably there is something wrong with this f...
    Fabio D'Alfonso
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  • NEW Oracle Primavera Support Community available through MyOracle Support!

    We are pleased to introduce the new Oracle Primavera Support Community available through MyOracle Support. The Oracle Primavera Community gives us the opportunity to collaborate with you in new ways, providing a pl...
    Mary Wiedenman-Oracle
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  • Web Version of EVMS 6.2

    I would like to know if any one has used the web version of EVMS 6.2 from the installation window. thanks
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  • EVM Ship Launching

    Hi, I cannot believe that I have the honor to launch the "EVM" Ship in the wild sea. Probably we should make something to revive a bit this effervescent community... -- Fabio D'Alfonso 'Your Partner in Bus...
    Fabio D'Alfonso
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