• Tutor 14 with Windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013

    Hi all,   Have anybody used Tutor Author and Publisher with Windows 8.1 and MS Office 2013? Are there any known issues/compatibility issues with this? Any information on this is greatly appreciated.   than...
    Sumeet Darode
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  • Help

    we currently have a new system in place where we upload our elearning, part of taleo.   When i try to upload a scorm through the 'SCORM Class Importer' i put in the path to the FTP files/scorm/Windows7new and ...
  • Oract Tutor 14 Author server installation and Publisher Client-Server installation

    hi all,   does any one know about the installation of Tutor Author 14 server version and how to setup Publisher Client-Server architecture??     please share any document or link that can guide with t...
    Sumeet Darode
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  • Does Oracle Tutor support ".xlsm" file format ?

    Does Oracle Tutor support ".xlsm" file format ? Where to find the list of supported file formats? Customer is using Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 and EBS R12.1.3. Thx, Phil.
    Phil -Oracle
    created by Phil -Oracle
  • the version number 15.0.4433.1506 obtained by the installation program is not supported.

    I download tutor from Oracle Support, upon running the setup, i get an error saying "the version number 15.0.4433.1506 obtained by the installation program is not supported."   Office 2013 is installed. Windows ...
    created by zl0001
  • How to install UPK?? Erron in UPK Installation

    Hi,   I have setup of UPK. While installtion I am getting following error n application not getting installed.   "An error 5009 : Plz make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applica...
    created by Ashish_Inda_99
  • Purchase a new license?

    I've used Tutor in the past and would like to purchase licenses at my new employer.  Is Tutor still available for purchase?
  • How do we add a link to process map on the desk manual web page?

    Hi: The Tutor demo I used shows a hyperliink to process flows and one can drill down to see the connections between the processes at a high level so the auditor to navigate the different processes and sub-processes. I...
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  • Tutor 14 and Visio. Can I use without other Oracle modules?

    Can anyone clarify what I can do with Visio process maps and Tutor? I'm reading the implementation guide but it keeps referring to Oracle BPM and I don't think we have that. I was hoping to be able to use our exisitng...
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  • Tutor Author Entering in Draft View vs Print Layout View

    I recently upgrade to Tutor Author 14.0 with Windows 7. When I open any Tutor Author documents they open in the Draft view rather than the Print Layout view. Can someone please tell me how to correct this?
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  • Authenticating UPK Knowledge Center users in a different domain (hosted env

    Our users are in-house MSAD users, while Knowledge Center is hosted by an external provider. The techies are a bit flummoxed and try to tell us our software should accomplish this while we think there ought to be a ba...
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  • Importing .odarc to UPK v3.6.1

    Hello - I am trying to import an .odarc file into UPK version 3.6.1 and I receive the error message "invalid file". It is possible that the .odarc file was created from a multi-user environment (from a server). I a...
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  • Oracle Tutor output view

    Hi All, I am using the Oracle Tutor 14.0 for my development work. When i published my Author files i am getting the output having the 3 different tabs like INTRODUCTION, TASKS, FLOWCHART. To view the content in thi...
    Simbu Selvam
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  • Publishing .doc files with Tutor Publisher 14

    All of my documents have been created in Tutor Author 14 and Word 2003, thus they have the extension .doc. However when I try to publish them in Tutor Publisher 14 at the 'Rebuild Master Index' stage no files are foun...
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  • Tutor HTML Files: defaulting to tutor_notabs

    We have a large number of Tutor html files. We would like the html pages to default to the "no tab" version. (The same that is seen when clicking the "Accessible/Printable" link in top right corner - above the 'De...
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  • Flow diagram sequencing question

    I'm writing a procedure named Escalated Calls. The call may come in to different job titles. The procedure seems to be designed to have all actors follow the procedure sequentially e.g. actor 1 then actor 2, then acto...
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  • Oracle Tutor procedure reference inbetween the tasks.

    Hi All, I am creating one procedure for requisiion to receipt sub-process. In this i need to add one procedure reference inbetween the tasks of that procedure. sample outline: Procedure: Prior activity ...
    Simbu Selvam
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  • Tutor: Adding a Prior Activity that does not link to a document

    When the docs are published, the Prior Activities come across as broken links if a document filename is not included in the formatting. Is there a way around this so that if someone clicks on a prior activity which...
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  • Linking UPK content into Tutor

    We are having problems with linking a process flow from UPK into Tutor. The kp.html shortcut on the Try It! mode works stand alone. However, not sure if we are using the correct syntax when adding the link to a ...
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  • Oracle Tutor Licensing

    Hello, Have a question around Oracle Tutor licensing, specifically around the Tutor content for Oracle EBS R12. Does it have to be purchased separately or does it come along with the licenses of EBS or UPK? Any ...
    created by Ramesh_Kumar