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As of May 3rd, the Averify check and fix scripts have been updated. Please download the new files from Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Master Index for Averify Solutions (Doc ID 1121926.1)

Agilers, we are pleased to announce the release of Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.5. Now available for download on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud website.


Here's a brief overview of what to expect in this release:


  • New Functionality: Multi-Project Gantt with an editor that supports multi-project program and dynamic portfolio assessment!O_AgilePLM_clr.bmp
  • Added single and multi-project Gantt resource risk assessment and custom filtering with some other useful user-driven enhancements!
  • For EC, a new process has been added, Design Release, that extends the reach and control of Agile workflow management directly to the engineers for the review, markup incorporation, release, and publication of CAD design files in PLM, directly from the CAD client and/or in the Web Client.


Want more information? See these helpful KM Notes:


Now Available: Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.5 (Doc ID 2093968.1)

Customer Training for Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 9.3.5 Is Now Available (Doc ID 2090862.1)


Important Note: Before beginning your upgrade to Agile PLM 9.3.5, please review the Capacity Planning Guide and release readme. If you are using any of the Agile PLM compatible products (e.g. OPLA, AutoVue, EC MCAD, EC ECAD, PLM Mobile, etc.), you MUST wait for the compatible product to also be available. Doc ID 2093968.1 will be updated as the compatible products are released.

New.jpgOracle's AutoVue Enterprise Visualization 21.0.0 is now available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud! So what's new, you ask?


New Format Support

AutoVue 21.0.0 includes support for new version of 3D and 2D CAD formats:

    • SolidWorks 2015
    • Creo 3.0
    • Inventor 2015
    • AutoCAD 2015
    • Catia V5-6R2013 (R23) and V5-6R2014 (R24)
    • SolidEdge ST7
    • JT 10.0
    • Unigraphics NX 8.5, 9 and 10 (3D only)
    • AutoCAD 2015

Improvements for Model Based Enterprise (MBE):

    • Support for Combined Views (PMI visibility, cut views) in Creo
    • Improved support for Product and manufacturing information (PMI).

New Supported Platforms:

    • Server: Oracle Linux server 7.X and up
    • Client: Windows 8.1

For a complete overview of the 21.0.0 release, see:

     Now Available: Oracle’s AutoVue release 21.0.0 (Doc ID 2075708.1)


Desupported Formats: AutoCAD 3D, CoCreate Modeling, CATIA V4 (2D only), PLM XML, SmartSketch, Unigraphics NX (2D Only), AutoDesk Inventor IDV (Private View), AutoDesk IDE (Design Element), AutoVue Assembly Format

     To review the recommended approach for these desupported formats, refer to: Desupported Formats in AutoVue 21.0.0 (Doc ID 2074387.1)

Desupported Functionality: Non-geometric Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), Native 2D Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer) data, Conversion of 3D pages to STL and Raster formats, Support for digital mockup through the user interface, Support for WebSphere 6.1 and above, and Support for Oracle Application Server 10g

     To review the comments regarding the desupported functionalities, refer to: Desupported Functionality in AutoVue 21.0.0 (Doc ID 2074388.1)

NOW.jpgHave you been asking for a guide on a new install for Agile PLM 9.3.4 on Linux? We've listened.

Our main initiative is to serve you, our customers, better by providing the tools to successfully implement and sustain your Agile PLM environment. Your feedback has influenced more Support collaboration and we have pulled together to get this information from the minds of our engineers to your computer screen.

Master Note: Build all-in-one Standalone Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 9.3.4 System on Oracle Linux Server (OLS) 6.7 (Doc ID 2058744.1) will help to familiarize you with the process of installing a simple Agile 9.3.4 PLM system on a standalone server. The following assumptions have been made: you have your operating system installed and all patches applied.

Before you begin, ensure that your hardware and software meet the specifications for the Agile Product Lifecycle Management application. The Capacity Planning Guide is a great place to find this information. The configuration you choose is up to you, so pick what will work best for your Agile PLM system.

It is also important to review the Agile System Requirements found in Chapter 2 of the Database Install Guide. If your system meets all the requirements and specifications, you’re ready to install! Review the aforementioned Note to get started.

disk.PNGHave you been trying to figure out a way to free up some disk space?


Well, if you are using Agile or above and do not use Agile PLM Data Mart/BI then consider truncating the "A_DW_TXN_LOG" table.


This table records all DML actions and can get rather large. So for those not using DM, truncating this table can free up a lot of disk space, especially in larger databases.


For more information on how to truncate this table please review the following document:

     Can the "A_DW_TXN_LOG" Table be Truncated in the Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Database? (Doc ID 828904.1)

AutoVue 20.2.3 is released and it is time to plan for the upgrade or new implementation.  As with any successful implementation, the test plan must include new features and a plan for any deprecated features.


New Format support includes:

Added support for SolidWorks 2014, Added support for Solid Edge ST6, Added support for Altium Designer 10, Added support for Adobe Acrobat XI (11)


General functionality enhancements:

PDF Improvements, Printing Improvements, Usability Improvements, Security Improvements:

For a complete overview of release 20.2.3, refer to:

            Now Available: Oracle’s AutoVue release 20.2.3 (Doc ID 1962679.1)


deprecated.pngDeprecated formats:

CoCreate Modeling (Also known as SolidDesigner or OneSpace Designer Modeling), CATIA V4 (2D only), PLM XML, SmartSketch, Unigraphics NX (2D only), AutoDesk Inventor IDV (Private View), AutoDesk IDE (Design Element), AutoVue Assembly Format

Deprecated functionality:

Non-geometric Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), Native 2D Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer) data, Conversion of 3D pages to STL and Raster formats, Support for Digital Mockup through the User Interface, Support for the following application servers: WebSphere 6.1 and up; Oracle Application Server 10g


For recommended steps to handle deprecated formats, refer to:

Deprecated Formats in AutoVue 20.2.3 (Doc ID 1963326.1)

For recommended steps to handle deprecated functionality, refer to:

Deprecated Functionality in AutoVue 20.2.3 (Doc ID 1963327.1)

In addition to considering formats, and functionality, your test plan should include behavior.  For details about version-based limitations, refer to:

Version-based Limitations - AutoVue Client/Server and Desktop Deployment 20.2.3 (Doc ID 1965379.1)



What’s new and where do you get it?

Start with the official release announcement providing release overviews, download locations and document locations.

Now Available: Agile Product Lifecycle Management 9.3.4 and AutoVue for Agile PLM 20.2.3 (Doc ID 1965203.1)




Where do you learn about the new features?

Review the Transfer of Information videos demoing the new features of 9.3.4.

Customer Training for Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 9.3.4 Is Now Available (Doc ID 1962485.1)




How do you install?

With each version, to supplement the documentation, Agile Support creates an install guide with step by step instructions and screenshots to help you through the process.

Step by Step Installation of Agile 9.3.4 PLM on Windows Environment (Doc ID 1981551.1)

Have you often hoped you could debug your own Agile issues? Have you often thought to yourself, "I wish Oracle would tell me what they needed before logging the Service Request?"

For Agile File Manager, Attachments, Folders, and Thumbnail Issues, you can.


Oracle has been working hard to improve our time to resolution on the service requests (SR) you raise by automating the information and diagnostic gathering steps. 

Agile PLM’s first Guided Resolution with file validation is now available for Agile PLM Framework and Agile Product Collaboration service requests when you select the File Manager, Attachments, Folders, and Thumbnails problem type. This problem type will now automatically ask you to provide a specific set of files, depending on how you answer the questions we ask. 

When logging a new SR for the Agile File Manager, Attachments, Folders and Thumbnail Issues problem type in Agile PLM Framework or Agile Product Collaboration, the Guided Resolution will be triggered and you will see screens similar to the screens below:

You respond to the prompts to come to one or more solutions or to a Data Collection.

You can see all of the selections and the solution. You may also change the edit button to change your selection on any level.

Some options lead to Data Collection

You may give feedback on the Guided Resolution using the Give Feedback button

In addition, several problem types automatically ask for specific files to assist in resolving your service request specific to that problem type.  The system will provide you with a clear action plan shortly after the SR is submitted requesting files e.g screenshots, log files and diagnostic outputs. 

Automation will continue to ask you to provide any missing files, until all the needed files have been provided. At that point, your assigned engineer will be in a position to begin reviewing your issue and analyzing your uploaded files, with the intention to get you your solution faster.

For more information about Automation and how it works please review the following document:

Automated Troubleshooting Process (Document 1998077.1)

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