NOW.jpgHave you been asking for a guide on a new install for Agile PLM 9.3.4 on Linux? We've listened.

Our main initiative is to serve you, our customers, better by providing the tools to successfully implement and sustain your Agile PLM environment. Your feedback has influenced more Support collaboration and we have pulled together to get this information from the minds of our engineers to your computer screen.

Master Note: Build all-in-one Standalone Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 9.3.4 System on Oracle Linux Server (OLS) 6.7 (Doc ID 2058744.1) will help to familiarize you with the process of installing a simple Agile 9.3.4 PLM system on a standalone server. The following assumptions have been made: you have your operating system installed and all patches applied.

Before you begin, ensure that your hardware and software meet the specifications for the Agile Product Lifecycle Management application. The Capacity Planning Guide is a great place to find this information. The configuration you choose is up to you, so pick what will work best for your Agile PLM system.

It is also important to review the Agile System Requirements found in Chapter 2 of the Database Install Guide. If your system meets all the requirements and specifications, you’re ready to install! Review the aforementioned Note to get started.