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Over the next few months, the Communications Global Business Unit (CGBU) Support team will be conducting a review of open Service Requests (SRs) across all the CGBU products.  The purpose of this review is to ensure that all SRs and any associated bugs are valid, have appropriate action plans, and the status is set correctly.  As part of this process, Support will be evaluating the items that have associated Bugs and Enhancements to determine the course of action towards resolution.   For any SRs where there is no short term action plan to resolve in the upcoming sets of patch and release cycles, Support will be processing the SRs towards closure.   customersupportservice.png


With these SR closures, Customers will not lose the ability to track the status of the open Bugs and Enhancements.   Where SR closure is appropriate, Support will ensure the associated Bug or Enhancement records have up to date published information.  In addition, where applicable, a Knowledge Article will be added to the Oracle Knowledgebase documenting the problem details.  Oracle will then continue to provide updates to the Bugs, Enhancements and Knowledge as appropriate throughout the resolution process.  Through the MOS portal (, customers have the ability to mark the Bugs, Enhancements and Knowledge Articles as favorites towards easily tracking the status of the disposition of the issues. 


Our goal is to consolidate information to make tracking issues and enhancements more efficient.  We want to make the information and status of issues easy to find and available when needed.   Our teams look forward to working with you not only throughout this SR review process but on future SRs as well.  



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