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My Oracle Support offers the functionality of tracking bug/defects once support enters it.   The bugs can be marked as favorite and the notifications can be set to receive updates when the published defect is updated.   Read knowledge article 1564933.1 for more details about setting the bug tracker, adding bug as a favorite and other related topics.


On April 7th,2015 Oracle Communications announced the release of Oracle Communications Evolved Communication Application Server (OCECAS) version 7.0.  The OCECAS enables the long-term delivery of highly differentiated VoLTE and VoWiFi offerings with the lowest operational cost and is s powered by the Industry leading and IMS-compliant Oracle Communications Converged Application Server (OCCAS) providing proven and unrivalled performance based on SIP Servlet, IMS, Java EE, Diameter, Media Server Control and Web Services. The OCECAS Server lays the foundation for a successful IP communications strategy that is built to support NFV, independent innovation, service agility and seamless reliability.  To get more information on the list of key enhancements please check the KM article 2002575.1The software can be downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and the documentation for introduction of this release here.

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