cnt2231550.jpgWe are glad to announce an enhancement to the Service Request creation process in My Oracle Support called Guided Resolution. This applies to new SRs being raised against the Elastic Charging Engine and the Pricing Design Center, products of the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management family.

What is in store:

  1. We now have better defined problem types and sub-types when raising a new SR.
  2. “Guided Resolution” consists of a few concise questions and answers resembling a decision tree to narrow down the aim of the issue being reported.
  3. Relevant knowledge documents are suggested based on the decision tree path taken providing a possible immediate solution to the issue.
  4. Relevant SR Data Collection (SRDC) documents are suggested where appropriate, describing what information should be collected to complete the SR creation.


We hope these enhancements in the SR creation process will improve the likelihood of finding a quick solution to common issues and speed up the SR resolution process with precise information being gathered as per SRDCs.


Feel free to open a community thread in Billing and Revenue Management (MOSC), if you have any questions about the feature.