Oracle Communications is pleased to announce the release of Revenue Management Suite Innovation Pack 2, which is a significant, coordinated release with a rich set of charging and revenue management functional and architectural enhancements packaged in the following product updates:


  • Billing and Revenue Management 7.5 Patchset 12 :  [  <Patch 20873429> and  mandatory interim <Patch 21231092>  ]
  • Billing and Revenue Management Elastic Charging Engine(ECE) 11.2 Patchset 6  :  [  <Patch 20758606>  ]
  • Pricing Design Center 11.1 Patchset 7 : [  <Patch 21195797>  ]
  • Network Charging and Control 5.0.3   : [ <Patch 20383034>   ]
  • Offline Mediation Controller 6.0 Patchset 3  : [  <Patch 20797370> ]



KEY CAPABILITIES AND BENEFITS :                                                                                              

Relevant and consistent cross-channel CX enabled by a personalized, interactive device-based experience.

  • Comprehensive and extensible, end-to-end notification features supporting alerts for monetary limits, threshold breaching, quota limits, etc. via SMS, USSD, and email
  • Greater service-stickiness and higher revenues by enabling in-session top-ups & promotions enrollment
  • Expansion of voucher related self-service options while lowering customer care costs with features such as access to specialized promotions around first use recharges.
  • Offer innovation and enhanced customer spend management with the ability to offer short-duration 'on-use' bundles and tariffs often associated with ad-hoc services

Accelerate widespread adoption of BRM's Elastic Charging Engine by existing and new customers

  • Charging parity with Batch Rating Engine (BRE) and Real-time Rating Engine (RRE) rating engines, including support for all features that are pre-requisites for migration
  • Pricing migration support from BRE and RRE
  • ECE re-rating support for Daily Bundles, Rating Condition Change, and First Usage Offers - included in first use offers
  • Offline charging parity for incoming CDR enrichment via the availability of Record Enhancement Processor cartridge

Convergent Charging and Policy Network Connectivity Enhancements

  • Diameter enhancements - configuration based Redirect and SCTP support
  • CAPv4 Support and improved overload protection on NCC SLCs
  • Productized Integration between NCC and the Elastic Charging Engine Diameter Gateway

Improved overall TCO and ease of deployment

  • Increased automation associated with voucher life-cycle management including support for voucher type branching and first use recharges
  • Configuration-based optimizations including streamlined billing for prepaid accounts
  • Enhanced purge utility - improved billing performance, reduced storage requirements, and operational complexity contributing to a reduction in TCO
  • Improved subscriber loading performance with the removal of ODI along with the added benefit of lowering operational overhead and TCO (license cost and skills base for ODI)
  • Simplified deployment of new ECE services and events, leveraging more Out-of-the-Box, standardized configurations
  • Throughput improvement in Offline Mediation Controller with multi-threaded enhancement processor cartridges
  • Better management of CDR file processing in Offline Mediation Controller with the support for file level transactions
  • Improved Offline mediation duplicate checking - configure larger duplicate check windows without compromising performance
  • Significant reduction in solution deployment times with the availability of the Reference Implementation that includes sample offer data


    This announcement was also published via knowledge <Note 2027517.1>.