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Communications.jpgOracle Communications announces the general availability of Oracle Communications Operations Support System Suite Release 3 (OSS SR3) that delivers significant enhancements that benefit the Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery (RODOD), Rapid Service Design & Order Delivery (RSDOD), and Network Resource Management (NRM) market solutions.

Following products were released as part of this release:

  • Oracle Communications Design Studio - Version 7.3.0
  • Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management - Version 7.3.0
  • Oracle Communications Network Integrity - Version 7.3.0
  • Oracle Communications Order and Service Management - Version 7.3.0
  • Oracle Communications ASAP - Version 7.3.0


Information in this document applies to any platform. Read article 2037495.1 to get the complete list of key benefits and key features as part of these new releases.

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