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Announcements of security fixes made in Critical Patch Update Advisories and Security Alerts are available, and it is updated when new Critical Patch Update Advisories and Security Alerts are released.cnt2462715.jpg


Critical Patch Updates are collections of security fixes for Oracle products. They are available to customers with valid support contracts. Oracle will issue Security Alerts for vulnerability fixes deemed too critical to wait for distribution in the next Critical Patch Update.


Security fixes in third party products distributed with Oracle products are announced in the Third Party Bulletin. Please note that Oracle has no control over the timing and content of security fixes created by third parties.


Thorough details about below sections are provided in the Critical Patch Update Advisory link:-


  • Critical Patch Updates
  • Security Alerts
  • Third Party Bulletin
  • Public Vulnerabilities Fixed
  • Policies
  • Reporting Security Vulnerabilities
  • References


It is also possible to receive notification of new announcements by Email. You can refer to section instructions on how to configure email notifications to know more about the same.

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BRM 7.5 Patch Set 13 is a maintenance patch set. This maintenance patch set 1 includes all the fixes cumulative from Patch Set 1 through Patch Set 12. The Maintenance Patch Set 1 will be a pre-requisite for all future patch sets of BRM 7.5 released after this one.

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.5 Maintenance Patch Set 1 is released on 31 August 2015.


Patch ID: <Patch 21513185>


Key Enhancements:

- Partitioning and Purging features

With this patch set, you can

  • Partition bill, invoice, item, journal, newsfeed, sepa and user_activity storable classes, in addition to event storable classes, by default when BRM is installed.
  • Purge bill, invoice, item, journal, newsfeed and sepa objects, in addition to event objects, using partition_utils utility.
  • Convert any non-partitioned storable class to a partitioned storable class just like bill, event, invoice, item, and journal storable classes, after installing BRM.
  • Make the item storable class either purgeable or non-purgeable. Like non-purgeable event objects, non-purgeable item objects are automatically stored in the partition_historic partition.

- General Ledger

You can now segregate unbilled revenue by General Ledger cycle, within a billing cycle.

- Certifications

BRM is now certified on Java 1.8. Please see release notes for more information.


This announcement was also published via <Note 2051080.1>.

Oracle Communications is pleased to announce the availability of BRM 7.5 Patch Set 12 Localization(L10N) packages on My Oracle Support.



Localization patches are available for download for the following languages:


  •     Chinese Simplified
  •     Chinese Traditional
  •     English
  •     French
  •     Italian
  •     Japanese
  •     Korean
  •     Portuguese Brazilian
  •     Russian
  •     Spanish


Please refer to BRM 7.5 Patch Set 12 Release <Note 2015452.1> for download details.

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