We receive many Service Requests seeking details of the System Requirements (like Software or Hardware Compatibility information) during the installation or upgrade of Oracle Products. Since the mentioned CGBU products are tightly integrated, it is recommended to refer the System Requirement details carefully before starting to install, upgrade or integrate them. blog.jpg

This article will provide you the documentation links for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (OCBRM), Oracle Communications Offline Mediation Controller (OCOMC),  Oracle Communications Pricing Design Center (OCPDC)  and Billing Care products through which you can get to the 'System Requirements' of the respective products.


Below are the navigation links :-

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management: Refer link1 and link2.

Oracle Communications Elastic Charging Engine [Module of OCBRM]: Refer this link.

Oracle Communications Offline Mediation Controller: Refer this link.

Oracle Communications Pricing Design Center: Refer this link.

Oracle Communications Billing Care: Refer this link.

Note that the respective documentation sections stand a chance to get updated with every release. Hence it is advisable to bookmark these links and refer them on regular basis which would help during project planning, installation or upgrade activities.


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