In an earlier blog (see below url), we referred you to a couple of knowledge articles that provided the release schedule of patchsets for BRM 7.4 and BRM 7.5.


Noticed the column "Error correction end date" in those articles?


In this blog, we would like to highlight the importance of this column.


With the release of BRM 7.4 in 2010, the concept of patchsets was introduced. These patchsets are typically released in a 3 month cycle. If a customer raises a defect on a given patchset, the fix is targeted to be made available in the next upcoming patchset cycle.


On occasion, the defect may be deemed critical to the customer business. In this case, an interim patch may be provided on the current patchset implemented in the customer's environment. In these situations, BRM's "Error Correction End Date" is in effect. This Error Correction policy states that only the last four patchsets delivered by Oracle are eligible to be considered for release of an interim patch and is subject to approval from the Oracle Management team. With each patchset cycle, an Error Correction End Date is provided to make customers aware of the timeframe for which interim patches would be considered against that patchset. Once this date has passed, no further interim patches are provided against the patchset.


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