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Oracle Communications Converged Application Server Version (OCCAS) 7.0 was released in 2015.


OCCAS 7.0 requires 64bits JAVA 8.

There is no direct upgrade installer that can upgrade the existing installation and domain directory.

To upgrade to OCCAS 7.0, start with downloading and installing Java JDK 8 and OCCAS 7.0.

Detailed steps for upgrading a domain running a SIP application under OCCAS pre 7.0 to OCCAS 7.0 are documented in KM Doc ID 2030535.1.


New Community features

Posted by Kalpanaa-Oracle Apr 22, 2016

The latest Community update brought two new features:

New Tabbed Layout at the top of the community page (outlined in blue below) provides a cleaner view of content available and is more consistent with the layout of our Information Centers in KM.  Note:  The tab names/content may vary by community. 


·     New ‘Give Feedback’ Link (outlined in red below) is located to the right of the new tabbed layout and opens a survey (shown below).  The results go to the Social team who follow up as needed.  If the feedback is product related, they will contact the Community Space owner and share the feedback.



This article provides guidelines to help you troubleshoot problems with Oracle Communications Elastic Charging Engine (ECE).

ECE is a module of Oracle Communications Advanced Billing and Revenue Management Product. cnt2507669.jpg

It is always recommended to perform some troubleshooting exercise before you contact Oracle Support Team when any problems occur.

Please refer to this documentation link to troubleshoot ECE issues or errors before you log on a Service Request.

If you still prefer to open a Service Request, then provide below details while opening :-

  • A clear and concise description of the problem, including when it began to occur.
  • Relevant portions of the relevant log files.
  • Relevant configuration files.
  • Recent changes in your system after which the problem occurred, even if you do not think they are relevant.
  • List of all ECE components and patches installed on your system.


Feel free to open a community thread here, if you have any questions about the topic.

cnt2195554.jpgThe Order and Service Management 7.3.0 version includes many new features, enhancements and changes in some functionality when compared to prior releases. These features are very useful to the customers and we strongly recommend our Customers to upgrade to OSM 7.3.0 version to get benefited from these new features and enhancements.

Order and Service Management 7.3.0 ( can be downloaded from My Oracle Support here

Order and Service Management 7.3.0 documentation can be found here

  • OSM 7.3 Release Highlights (brief) Video
  • OSM 7.3 What's New Overview Video
  • OSM 7.3 Enhanced Order Processing and Fallout Management
    • Processing States for Order items Video
    • Task Execution Modes Video
    • Other Fallout Enhancements Video
    • Order Creation Failures Video
    • Compensation of Accepted Tasks Video
    • Using Jeopardy Video
    • Failure Resolutions Outside of OSM Video
    • Fallout Management: Retry Video
    • Cancel A Completed Order Video
    • Automation Exception Errors Video
  • OSM Jobs Processing Video Demo
  • OSM 7.3 Enhanced Order Jeopardy Management Video Demo
  • OSM Purging Strategies and Online order purging
  • OSM Complex Data Type Video Demo
  • OSM 7.3 Installer, Operations and Administration Enhancements Video
  • OSM 7.3 Other Enhancements Video

This article consolidates the OSM 7.3.0 latest patch details, documentation and links which explain various features, enhancements and changes in functionality of this version

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