cnt1802709.jpgOracle Communications is pleased to announce the release of Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) 7.5 Business Operations Center.

Billing and Revenue Management (BRM)7.5 Business Operations Center was released on 29 April 2016.


Business Operations Center is a web based graphical user interface that helps to create, schedule, and view the results of billing, payment collection, invoicing and general ledger reporting operations.

  • Billing: Finds accounts that need to be billed; calculates the balance due for each bill unit in the accounts, including all usage and cycle fees; creates a bill for the balance due.
  • Payment Collection: Collects the balance due for accounts that use payment card (credit or debit card) and direct debit (cash) payment methods.
  • Invoicing: Generates invoices that list the events that were charged for, and the customer's total account balance.
  • Generating General Ledger Reports: Generates general ledger (G/L) reports to collect G/L data for G/L accounts.
  • Viewing Business Trends: Shows business trends based on data generated by the preceding operations

For more information, please check:Business Operations Center

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