This article provides guidelines to help you troubleshoot problems with Oracle Communications Offline Mediation Controller (OCOMC). It is always recommended to perform some troubleshooting exercise before you contact Oracle Support Team when any problems occur.ocomc.jpg

Please refer to this documentation link to troubleshoot OCOMC issues or errors before you log on a Service Request.

If you still prefer to open a Service Request, then provide below details while opening :-

  • A clear and concise description of the problem, including when it began to occur.
  • Relevant portions of the relevant log files.
  • Relevant configuration files.
  • Recent changes in your system after which the problem occurred, even if you do not think they are relevant.
  • List of all Offline Mediation Controller components and patches installed on your system.


Feel free to open a community thread here, if you have any questions about the topic.