Oracle Communications Global Business Unit (CGBU) is announcing the release of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper

Services Gatekeeper 6.1 requires the Java Development Kit (JDK)1.8 release.

The Services Gatekeeper PRM Portals have been upgraded to the Java Lightweight UI Extensions version 2.0 release.




  • New Access URLs for the PRM Portals
  • New Ability to Add Your Own Custom Actions for APIs
  • IPv6 Mapping No Longer Required
  • New Actions and Features Available for API Actions
  • New API Management Options for Securing the Services Gatekeeper Methods
  • New Ability to Protect REST APIs with a White List of IP Addresses
  • New Option to Create an API Without Authentication
  • New EDR/Alarm for ApiFirewall Violations
  • API Management Now Accepts HTTP Delete Actions
  • New Clarification on Using Variables and Wildcards for API Resource Mapping
  • New Subscription Management Features
  • New Option to Create Applications Without APIs
  • New Ability to Use 24- and 32-Byte Application Passwords
  • EDR Enhancements for API Management
  • New Functionality for APIs
  • Support for the New Diameter Timestamp Data Type - May Require that You Update Your Code
  • New Non-Standard Diameter Rx AVP Support for QoS Features
  • New Support for JavaDB with Multi-tier Services Gatekeeper
  • New Custom Native SMPP Error Code for Custom Interceptors
  • New Attributes for Native SMPP MO Messages

There are database schema changes between Services Gatekeeper 6.0 and Services Gatekeeper 6.1.

Please refer to the release notes for more details.

Product releases are available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

OCSG 6.1 documentation can be found here.

Please refer to Knowledge Document id 2194292.1 for more details about this announcement.