Prior to ASAP 7.2.0 Patch 6 release, OCA thin client is launched using Java Applet (Java browser plug-in).

However, support for Java Applet is now deprecated on most of the web browsers. For this reason, ASAP 7.2 Patch 6 release onward,

Java Web Start (JavaWS) is implemented for OCA thin client. After launch, the OCA functionality remains same as it used to be.

So, the only change is on how to launch OCA thin client from ASAP 7.2 Patch 6 release onward.


  • For ASAP 720, Java Web Start was introduced in 720 P6. So, previous patches still are applet-based.
  • For ASAP 730, Java Web Start will be introduced in a future patch.
  • So, if you are using the 730 GA or 730 Patch 1 versions, it is expected that the OCA thin client would still be applet-based


Below KM note is available in Oracle Knowledge Base. The purpose of this note is to illustrate the steps involved in launching

the OCA thin client using Java Web Start.

How to launch the OCA Thin Client using Java Web Start? (Doc ID 2161385.1)


Note: The Java Web Start is applicable for OCA thin client. The Microsoft Windows platform based OCA client

(i.e. OCA thick client) installation and launch remains the same.


Feel free to open a community thread here, if you have any questions about the feature.