For faster diagnosis and resolution of an SR for BRM products, we request customers to attach RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) data while submitting SR.

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is an Oracle standard tool used to collect diagnostic data from your system applications environment.

For more details on RDA , Please refer "Collecting Diagnostic Information by Using RDA" section in the BRM documentation, System Administrator's Guide, chapter 2 Monitoring and Maintaining Your BRM System.


Also, please refer the following KM notes for providing the RDA logs:

Note 418516.1 : How To Use Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) For The Billing And Revenue Management (BRM) Products

Note 1389939.1 : How to Run Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) On BRM 7.5 Environment?

Note 414966.1 : RDA Documentation Index

Note 314422.1 : Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Getting Started



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