On occasion Oracle provides fixes as Interim Patch to customers on top of a particular patch set. Typically the same fix is also planned by Oracle to be part of an upcoming Patch Set. So in a situation where a customer is upgrading from existing Patch set to a later version and wants to know if the fix in a given Interim Patch is present in a Patch Set, the below approach would help :


1) Go to My Oracle Support and search with the Interim Patch number.

2) In the Search Results, locate the knowledge article that contains this Interim Patch in the Solution.

3) Look for a note similar to, "This fix is available on all supported platforms from BRM 7.5 PS17 onward". This means that the fix in the Interim Patch is part of 7.5 Patch Set 17 and later Patch Sets.



For example:


If you received Interim Patch 24297866 in your SR, then search with the same patch number in My Oracle Support.

You will see knowledge article 2182387.1 under “Knowledge Base Search Results” as shown in below picture:


Open the knowledge article 2182387.1 and check the Solution section, you will see a statement as below:

In the event that you are not able to find the Patch Set as per above approach, please feel free to do one of the following:

(a) In the knowledge article, add a comment (under 'was this document helpful’) and the information will be updated in the article shortly

(b) Click the button 'Ask in Community'

(c) Raise a Service Request against BRM product


Feel free to open a community thread here if you have any questions about the topic.