Oracle is pleased to announce the release of Oracle Monetization Cloud.

Oracle Monetization Cloud (OMC) Service enables Recurring Revenue Models for Digital Services Providers. The new service complements Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite to provide monetization across the customer journey.


Oracle Monetization Cloud Service is a cloud-based charging, billing, payments, and revenue management platform for your subscription-based products and services. Oracle Monetization Cloud Service reduces implementation requirements by integrating with payment service providers and customer relationship management solutions using web services and pre-built application exchange offerings.

This new cloud service accelerates time to market for digital and subscription-based products and services by enabling the full life cycle of customer on-boarding, offer creation, robust rating and discounting, billing, customized invoicing and reporting.     


Key Features/Benefits :

  • Robust rating, discounting, billing, and invoicing capabilities
    • Create flexible and innovative digital services
    • Offer subscribers personalized selections
    • Support full product lifecycle
  • Prebuilt connectors and web standard APIs
    • Easily integrate to Oracle and third-party solutions
    • Reduce delivery timeframe for launching subscription offers
    • Reduce risk through repeatable solutions
  • Full financial compliance
    • Ensure financial security with certification from Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Comply with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley
    • Recognize a variety of revenue sources covering a range of digital business models
  • Sophisticated analytical tools
    • Gain a real-time view of customer behavior
    • Respond quickly to market demand with new digital Offerings
    • Enables data-driven decision making and agile monetization with a real-time view of financial performance
  • Integrated Oracle Cloud technology
    • Improve performance with a highly scalable, available, and extensible system
    • Reduce risk with future-proof, best-in-class solutions
    • Protect your data with world-class security


With Oracle Monetization Cloud, users benefit from:


Full life-cycle capabilities: The service supports the full life-cycle of subscription services, from on-boarding subscribers, to rapidly launching and modifying innovative offerings, to leveraging flexible rating, discounting and billing capabilities, to customizing invoices, to analyzing business performance through robust reporting. These functions are available through intuitive web-based user interfaces so customers can quickly deploy and modify their offerings to meet market demand.


Easy integration: Newly developed out-of-the-box connectors and standard web-based SOAP and REST APIs enable customers to integrate easily with front-office and back-office systems, including Oracle, Chase Paymentech and other third party CRM, e-commerce, ERP systems and payment and tax gateways. These simplified integration options speed deployment of the cloud service and thereby accelerate time to market, providing customers with the convenience of continuing to use their existing solutions.


Risk and cost reduction: Full compliance and certification with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as well as support for fully compliant re-invoicing and recognition of seven types of revenue allow customers to reduce risk, combat revenue leakage and ensure audit compliance.


Full suite of monetization capabilities: The monetization solution is part of a full platform that spans the customer journey from engaging on social channels to tracking a sales lead to creating and offering innovative services to on-boarding subscribers to rating and billing to revenue recognition and compliance. Oracle is unique in offering an end-to-end suite of best-in-breed cloud services that work together in monetizing the entire journey.


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