Oracle Communications is Announcing the Release of Oracle Live Experience Cloud.


Oracle launched Oracle Live Experience Cloud. Positioned to deliver seamless, human mobile service experiences, Oracle Live Experience Cloud is a software-as-a-service solution that provides a browser-based UI/portal for agents with provisioned assistance capabilities. It helps them assist customers using contextual and interactive tools, including high-definition voice, HD video, screen share, and annotations. Agents can provide human touch assistance by seamlessly upgrading the channel, such as from voice to video, or by incorporating visual and interactive tools like screen sharing and live annotation.


The service can be deployed standalone or overlaid in existing contact center solutions. Agents are presented with calls that display the holistic customer context – such as customer details, device, OS, location, path, or current page – in the app; that information can also be combined with CRM and third-party data.


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Figure 1. Contextual communications directly from within the web or mobile application.



The pre-built and customizable Live Experience widget can be integrated into mobile and web apps, so that when it is pressed, customers are seamlessly connected to an associate using any predefined combination spanning audio, video and screen share – along with many other interactive capabilities.



Key Features & Benefits:

In-App Engagement Channels for web and mobile:

  • Contextual experiences via digital voice, video capabilities (one way, two way, see what I see), screen sharing, drawing/annotating
  • Seamless transitions between channels and escalating to richer interaction modes
  • Built-in mechanisms for maintaining customer privacy and control

Customer Context and Engagement Scenarios:

  • Capture customer web and mobile context to support action and decisions within the process
  • Proactively engage customers at key moments of their journey
  • Design personalized engagement scenarios based on context, history and business priorities

Modern Associate Collaboration Tools:

  • Web based Desktop Experience for associates with shared inboxes, queues, and customer insight views for modern service teams
  • Ability to plug in associate tools to existing help desk or other applications in use today

Telephony-to-Digital Escalation:

  • Augment telephony-primed interactions with digital experiences
  • Add visual content to supplement voice communication
  • Accelerate contact center digital transformation by leveraging existing channels and processes

Intelligent Routing using Customer Context:

  • Routing for digital channels with flexible rules-driven customer context
  • Distribution to individual associates or team queues for more effective collaboration
  • Complete self-service configuration of routing decisions based on customer history, associate skills, and priority assignment

Recording and Interaction Store across All Channels:

  • Robust indexing and instant search across all interactions for each tenant
  • Recorded media synchronized across all channels
  • Controlled role based access to any historical interactions for playback and analysis

Insights and Analytics:

  • Insights on individual and overall service team performance, engagement success KPIs
  • Supervisor and administrator views
  • Integrated reporting and analytics

100% Self-Service Driven:

  • Get up and running in minutes via simple web app interfaces
  • Ability to customize and control any part of Live Experience without dependency on any external services

Encryption, Data Protection:

  • Industry standard encryption for all customer data and Bring Your Own Key capabilities ensuring complete data ownership

Optimized Real Time Communications Cloud Platform:

  • Elastic network, compute, and storage resources optimized at all layers for real time communication service
  • Built, operated, and supported by a single vendor

Fast Connect:

  • End to end connection quality, deterministic network path and network security

Please refer to the Live Experience Cloud for more details.

Oracle Live Experience Cloud documentation can be found here.


Oracle Live Experience Cloud Press Release.