Goal: To understand the SR (Service Request) Automation process and benefits.  clip_image001_0003.gif

Automation is trending these days in the industrial sector, for good reason. There are many benefits of automation, however getting started can seem like a task.

Automation is a systematic process of getting a solution or guidance without intervention of an engineer.

In general, Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without any human intervention.


Service Request Automation eases the bottleneck of longer time taken for processing/investigating/analyzing with faster resolution in many cases at one click.

The combination of Product AND Problem Type selected during SR creation triggers SR Automation.

Currently SR Automation is categorized into two different divisions as follows;


  1. Guided Resolution
  2. Automation


Guided Resolution:


This is the first step during SR Creation in MOS (My Oracle Support). Questions and answers guide user to a possible solution (Knowledge document). If no solution is recommended, then you proceed with submission of SR.


Question: How Guided Resolution works?

Answer: Depending on the Problem Type you selected, Guided Resolution is triggered if it is enabled for that Problem Type. You will be provided with available knowledge documents based on the information you key   in specific to your issue.


Specific questions are presented to you to narrow down the issue.


If a solution is not found, you will be presented with a Service Request Data Collection (SRDC).


SRDC includes a list of information that will help to analyze the issue such as:


• Diagnostics

• Analyzers

• Logs

• Screenshots


If a Guided Resolution is available for the combination of Product and Problem Type selected by you then a message will be displayed as below;


Key points: 

  • Identify your solution by answering a few questions in the automated flow. 
  • If you are unable to find a solution or your query does not have an answer then you still need to create a SR, the information you have already provided is captured and entered in the SR to help the engineer understand your issue.
  • Oracle has built the guides based upon the patterns of issues we have seen before and tied them to quality solutions that resolve those issues.
  • Ensure that correct answers are provided during the guided resolution as automation is dependent on your answers.




This is the initial step AFTER SR is submitted/created via MOS. Automation carries out tasks like file or data requests, verification of uploaded information, data analysis, and suggests possible solutions.

You will see an initial action plan requesting specific files that the engineer will need to begin working on your SR.  The files requested are dependent on the questions you answered during the Guided Resolution.


Question: How Automation works?


Answer: The files you uploaded will be scanned and validated against known patterns via Automation. Any missing file mapped with Automation flow will be requested again.

After this, based on the contents of the uploaded files the automation process will go through internal checks/process and validates to give you a corresponding solution if it matches.

If no solution is found, you will continue working the SR with the engineer as usual. The important advantage is that necessary files are already available in SR.


Key points:

  • If it takes a while for you to provide the file(s), in such case the system will wait for you to provide the required files and send you regular reminders. 
  • These are necessary files to start troubleshooting your issue. If you upload them at SR creation, you will help the automation complete faster which speeds the resolution of your issue.
  • Ensure that these files are provided in order to reduce time to resolution.
  • If you consider that correct file was uploaded and automation is still asking for the file, please update the SR with "I need an engineer"
  • If you need assistance and want to come out of Automation then update the SR with "I need an engineer" and the owning engineer will respond to your inquiry.


For further details, refer to the knowledge document " 1998077.1 Automated Troubleshooting Process".


If you have any feedback on SR Automation please feel free to share it using the “Give Feedback” button during the SR creation.