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ph_fac_hq_rs_009_cropped.bmpOracle Cloud Service is announcing the release of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (APIP CS)


Oracle API Platform Cloud Service provides a foundation for Digital Transformation through the first API Management offering that comprises the full API Life cycle.


Encompassing the complete API continuum from API Design & Standardization via Apiary’s trusted API Design & Documentation Platform through to API Security, Discovery & Consumption, Monetization, and Analysis, the API Platform Cloud Service provides a completely new, simplified API management user experience on top of a proven API gateway.


It is easy for an organization to eliminate the challenges associated with traditional API management with the API Platform Cloud Service. Teams have the agility provided by Apiary to collaborate on design specs quickly, developing front- and back-end services in parallel, achieving visibility into API use for better control and monetization of digital assets, as well as the assurance that their APIs are secured against unauthorized users and potential attacks.




  • Apiary Mock Server:  Quickly model an API on Apiary’s hosted server to make sure that everyone is on-board
  • Apiary Interactive Documentation: Give API consumers the information they need to succeed. The Apiary documentation Console takes the API Description and allows you to not only read and write, but also to interact with your API—even before you’ve built it
  • API Implementation: Build new APIs using Apiary UI
  • API Deployment: Deploy, Activate, Deprecate, and Remove APIs
  • API Inventory & Catalog: Know which APIs are available for use
  • Application Registration & Management: Manage the applications using your APIs to ensure proper usage
  • Operational Analytics: 10 pre-built charts to see, for example, who is using your API, how, and if they are encountering issues
  • Policies: Top security, quality of service, and routing policies
  • User Roles & Grants: Control access to your APIs with API-level entitlements



The API Platform Cloud Service is a leader where there has been a gap in full life cycle API Management. The API Platform Cloud Service is the only platform that provides complete support for API Life cycle from API Design & Standardization to API Security, Discovery & Consumption, Monetization, and Analysis on top of a proven API gateway


Deployment Flexibility:

The API Platform Cloud Service is a hybrid solution where management is in the Cloud but gateways can be deployed anywhere - on premises, Oracle Cloud or third party cloud providers.


Low Operational Cost:

The complexity of the management piece is managed by Oracle in the Cloud. As a customer, you only need to run the gateway. As it is stateless, the cost of operating the gateway is quite low, as is the operational cost of deploying APIs, as you can easily provision which users can deploy to which gateways without involving Ops every time. There is no need for data backups, upgrades to get new policies, or to configure clusters.


Rich Functional, Operational and Audit Capabilities:

The platform provides strong out-of-the-box and custom security policy support, robust fine-grained analytics, as well as a complete audit history of all APIs


Customizable Developer Portal:

The Developer Portal allows complete customization of the CSS and the addition of languages through a REST API. The portal can also be hosted by the customer through provided JQuery source code.


Proven Technology:

The platform’s gateway technology is based on proven technology that has been tested in rigorous production environments at telecommunications companies around the world for several years.



  • Authentication and API Authorization
  • Threat Protection
  • Threat Detection & Alerting
  • Roles and Grants


Please refer to the API Platform for more details.


API Platform Cloud Service documentation can be found here.


API Platform Cloud Service Press Release.

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