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Nothing is more important than resolving your issues quickly!  To assist, Oracle Support and Development often require diagnostic data from your Oracle product be attached to the SR(Service Request), in the form of log files, RDA (Remote Diagnostic Agent) reports, or configuration settings.   This information often either reveals the cause of the issue, or accelerates the initial issue investigation.


Exciting changes have been appearing in your Service Requests to get the right data into the right hands more quickly!   MOS (My Oracle Support)  now features customized file requests, catered to your problem type, immediately at SR creation time!   The choice of Problem Type, and answers provided at SR creation time allow updates in the SR to appear within minutes of SR creation time.    Additionally, MOS provides instructions detailing how to collect the data via specialized Knowledge Articles called SRDCs (Service Request Data Collection).  The SRDC tells you everything you need to know from why the data is required to the steps and scripts needed to collect it.




Once uploaded to the SR, acknowledgement of the data appears in the SR letting you know it is in Oracle hands.   An analysis follows, revealing any errors, configuration settings, or items of interest in the diagnostic information uploaded.  Action Plans might also be presented, detailing immediate action which can be taken to resolve the issue.   In the case where no action plan can be recommended, the data will be investigated to determine the next step forward.

We need your help!  Please follow all instructions present in the SR requesting file uploads.   Also, please do not hesitate to provide feedback as these and other exciting capabilities are added to My Oracle Support, all to resolve issues more quickly.

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.