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The ‘NOW Economy’ necessitates, and perhaps dictates, that Customer Experience (CX) be contextual, personalized and consistent across all channels. By extension these requirements have become essential for all OSS/BSS applications in the market today. Equally important in a digital lifestyle-driven ecosystem is a robust and elastic applications infrastructure, one that seamlessly handles rapid, almost immediate shifts in the demand cycle.

Oracle Communications Convergent Charging and Policy is a market-leading BSS solutions designed to enable providers to address a here-to-stay, mobile-first, digital lifestyle. The cornerstone of this solution is delivering an intuitive and rich experience for end users, as well as internal customers in the front-office: customer care, sales, marketing and back-office: finance, IT and operations alike. Integral to all of Oracle’s investments and innovation strategy is a focus and commitment to continual operational enhancements that deliver greater value, faster ROI and lower TCO.

With that backdrop, Oracle Communications is pleased to announce a significant coordinated suite release with a rich set of charging and revenue management functional and architectural enhancements packaged in the following product updates:


  • Billing and Revenue Management 7.5 Patchset 15
  • Elastic Charging Engine 11.3
  • Billing Care 7.5 Patchset 15
  • Business Operations Center 7.5 Patchset 15
  • Pricing Design Center 11.1 Patchset 8



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Release of Oracle Communications Revenue Management Suite Innovation Pack 3



Feel free to open a community thread here if you have any questions about the topic.

Oracle-question.jpgOracle Communications is pleased to announce the Statement of Direction(SOD) for Billing and Revenue Management Products.

For details of planned road map for Billing and Revenue Management products,  please refer KM <Note 1380381.1>.

BRM 7.5 Patch Set 13 is a maintenance patch set. This maintenance patch set 1 includes all the fixes cumulative from Patch Set 1 through Patch Set 12. The Maintenance Patch Set 1 will be a pre-requisite for all future patch sets of BRM 7.5 released after this one.

Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7.5 Maintenance Patch Set 1 is released on 31 August 2015.


Patch ID: <Patch 21513185>


Key Enhancements:

- Partitioning and Purging features

With this patch set, you can

  • Partition bill, invoice, item, journal, newsfeed, sepa and user_activity storable classes, in addition to event storable classes, by default when BRM is installed.
  • Purge bill, invoice, item, journal, newsfeed and sepa objects, in addition to event objects, using partition_utils utility.
  • Convert any non-partitioned storable class to a partitioned storable class just like bill, event, invoice, item, and journal storable classes, after installing BRM.
  • Make the item storable class either purgeable or non-purgeable. Like non-purgeable event objects, non-purgeable item objects are automatically stored in the partition_historic partition.

- General Ledger

You can now segregate unbilled revenue by General Ledger cycle, within a billing cycle.

- Certifications

BRM is now certified on Java 1.8. Please see release notes for more information.


This announcement was also published via <Note 2051080.1>.

Oracle Communications is pleased to announce the availability of BRM 7.5 Patch Set 12 Localization(L10N) packages on My Oracle Support.



Localization patches are available for download for the following languages:


  •     Chinese Simplified
  •     Chinese Traditional
  •     English
  •     French
  •     Italian
  •     Japanese
  •     Korean
  •     Portuguese Brazilian
  •     Russian
  •     Spanish


Please refer to BRM 7.5 Patch Set 12 Release <Note 2015452.1> for download details.






Oracle Communications is pleased to announce the release of Revenue Management Suite Innovation Pack 2, which is a significant, coordinated release with a rich set of charging and revenue management functional and architectural enhancements packaged in the following product updates:


  • Billing and Revenue Management 7.5 Patchset 12 :  [  <Patch 20873429> and  mandatory interim <Patch 21231092>  ]
  • Billing and Revenue Management Elastic Charging Engine(ECE) 11.2 Patchset 6  :  [  <Patch 20758606>  ]
  • Pricing Design Center 11.1 Patchset 7 : [  <Patch 21195797>  ]
  • Network Charging and Control 5.0.3   : [ <Patch 20383034>   ]
  • Offline Mediation Controller 6.0 Patchset 3  : [  <Patch 20797370> ]



KEY CAPABILITIES AND BENEFITS :                                                                                              

Relevant and consistent cross-channel CX enabled by a personalized, interactive device-based experience.

  • Comprehensive and extensible, end-to-end notification features supporting alerts for monetary limits, threshold breaching, quota limits, etc. via SMS, USSD, and email
  • Greater service-stickiness and higher revenues by enabling in-session top-ups & promotions enrollment
  • Expansion of voucher related self-service options while lowering customer care costs with features such as access to specialized promotions around first use recharges.
  • Offer innovation and enhanced customer spend management with the ability to offer short-duration 'on-use' bundles and tariffs often associated with ad-hoc services

Accelerate widespread adoption of BRM's Elastic Charging Engine by existing and new customers

  • Charging parity with Batch Rating Engine (BRE) and Real-time Rating Engine (RRE) rating engines, including support for all features that are pre-requisites for migration
  • Pricing migration support from BRE and RRE
  • ECE re-rating support for Daily Bundles, Rating Condition Change, and First Usage Offers - included in first use offers
  • Offline charging parity for incoming CDR enrichment via the availability of Record Enhancement Processor cartridge

Convergent Charging and Policy Network Connectivity Enhancements

  • Diameter enhancements - configuration based Redirect and SCTP support
  • CAPv4 Support and improved overload protection on NCC SLCs
  • Productized Integration between NCC and the Elastic Charging Engine Diameter Gateway

Improved overall TCO and ease of deployment

  • Increased automation associated with voucher life-cycle management including support for voucher type branching and first use recharges
  • Configuration-based optimizations including streamlined billing for prepaid accounts
  • Enhanced purge utility - improved billing performance, reduced storage requirements, and operational complexity contributing to a reduction in TCO
  • Improved subscriber loading performance with the removal of ODI along with the added benefit of lowering operational overhead and TCO (license cost and skills base for ODI)
  • Simplified deployment of new ECE services and events, leveraging more Out-of-the-Box, standardized configurations
  • Throughput improvement in Offline Mediation Controller with multi-threaded enhancement processor cartridges
  • Better management of CDR file processing in Offline Mediation Controller with the support for file level transactions
  • Improved Offline mediation duplicate checking - configure larger duplicate check windows without compromising performance
  • Significant reduction in solution deployment times with the availability of the Reference Implementation that includes sample offer data


    This announcement was also published via knowledge <Note 2027517.1>.

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