Updated: 08th September 2015

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Oracle Support Database Accreditation Overview


Don't miss out on Best Practice, must-have tools and recommendations to quickly resolve issues and increase uptime of your database
Check out the Oracle Support Database Accreditation Oracle Database learning path


Have you actively used My Oracle Support for 6-9 months and have a solid working knowledge of functionality for Oracle Database? Take your expertise to the next level—become accredited!

By completing the accreditation learning series, you can increase your proficiency with My Oracle Support’s core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle solutions, tools, and knowledge that enable productivity.


The Accreditation learning path for Oracle Database focuses on product-specific best practices, recommendations, case examples and tool enablement - up leveling your capabilities with these Oracle products. Course topics include:


Oracle Database

  • Introduction to Oracle Database Accreditation Path
  • Oracle Database Introduction - Getting Started
  • Oracle Database Support Tools
  • Oracle Database Lifecycle Introduction including
    • Oracle Database Installation
    • Oracle Database Patching
    • Oracle Database Upgrade
  • Oracle Database Performance
  • Oracle Database Security
  • Oracle Database Scalability
  • Oracle Database Availability


Visit the Oracle Support Accreditation Index and get started with the Level 1 Oracle Support Accreditation path and product-specific Level 2 learning paths for Oracle Database.



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About 78% of them rated their experience between 7 and 10 (satisfied) with module objectives, video quality, and audio quality across all accreditation paths.


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